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Preparing for Your Karndean Designflooring Retailer Visit

Karndean Designflooring

Continuing our series on the necessary steps to completing your flooring renovation by the holidays, once you narrow down your choices and locate Karndean Designflooring retailers in your area, the next step is visiting your Karndean Designflooring retailer. You’re certainly not required to do any “homework” before you visit your retailer, but you should consider taking the following with you to get the most out of your trip:

Fiore LM16

Fiore LM16

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Samples: Whether you requested samples from our website previously or shopped around with other brands or commodity home improvement stores, take them with you so your retailer can help you find comparable colors. If you don’t have any samples, that’s no problem – just browse online and write down the names of colors you like.

Paint swatches: Grab a paint swatch of either the color you plan to paint your space or the current color of the space. This will allow the retail sales associate to determine if a cool, neutral or warm-toned floor is most compatible.

Other samples: Depending on the type of room you’re working on and how far along you are in the process, you may also want to bring counter top, cabinet or fabric samples with you. This is especially important if the flooring is the final element of the room to be decided on, as the floor will need to tie all of the chosen elements together.

Pinterest Inspiration

 Pinterest Inspiration

Inspiration photos: Have you created a Pinterest board with all your renovation and décor ideas? Have it handy on your phone so you can find the floor that brings your vision to life. It’s not uncommon to have trouble defining your style, but your inspiration images can help point your sales associate in the right direction. Still in search of inspiration? Follow our Pinterest page for ideas!

Blueprint or Sketch: Bring a blueprint or rough sketch of the room you're working on, including dimensions, as this will help your retailer recommend the lay pattern and scale of flooring.

Questions: Of course your retailer is there to answer any questions about your project. But if you have specific ones in mind, jot them down so you don’t forget.

Stay tuned, our next blog in this series will let you know what you can expect when you’re at your retailer! Keep up to date so you know when new blogs are published!

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