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The Spring season is finally here, but unfortunately along with the warmer weather comes pollen, mold and other allergens. Could a change in your flooring impact your indoor air quality? Absolutely! Karndean Designflooring luxury vinyl planks and tiles are not only beautiful, durable and easy to maintain, but they are hygienic and family-friendly too! All this allows you to enjoy your home, not just live in it.

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Unlike carpet and carpet tile, our luxury vinyl floors will not harbor dirt, dust mites or bacteria, which can easily get trapped or grow within carpet fibers; and hardwood floors typically don’t harbor allergens, but they can trap dirt between planks, which may trigger an allergic reaction. While carpet that is made from naturally hypoallergenic materials sounds like it would be allergen-free, it could still trap allergens and will require professional cleaning to combat irritation. With luxury vinyl tile you can comfortably go about day-to-day life in your home with no additional maintenance costs.

Moisture, Mold and Bacteria

Everyone wants to live in a clean, healthy home. Our planks and tiles are nonporous, so not only will they resist spills, but they do not contribute to bacterial growth. If you have grouted ceramic or porcelain tile and your grout isn’t sealed, because of its porosity, the grout can absorb moisture. This damp, dark environment creates an ideal home for mold and bacteria, when your floors should instead be creating an ideal home for you and your family. Unlike most rigid core or waterproof products, our Korlok products, which come with a pre-attached acoustic foam backing, will not pool water and will resist the growth of mold and mildew. 

Hessian Oak VGW93T

Cleaning and Maintenance

Our floors can be easily cleaned with a sweep and a damp mop with a pH neutral cleaner – there's no need for odor-emitting chemicals. While some vinyl flooring can trigger allergies or asthma, Karndean Designflooring products and adhesives are FloorScore® certified to contribute to improved indoor air quality as they are low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). You can also take comfort in the fact that our floors are phthalate-free.

If you’re considering a home flooring project this Spring, rest assured that Karndean Designflooring is a safe, hygienic and long-lasting option for your family. Our flooring is commonly specified in healthcare settings, like the UCLA Medical Clinic, because it can withstand a large amount of foot traffic while also contributing to a cleaner healing environment. If it's hygienic enough to meet the strict standards of medical facilities, it's definitely hygienic enough for your home.

If you’re considering a home flooring project this Spring, rest assured that Karndean Designflooring is a safe, hygienic and long-lasting option for your family. To learn more, view our environmental certifications.

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