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The kitchens of today have become a central focus point in our homes. They’re no longer just a space to cook in, rather, they have become a family hub and a space for entertaining guests. 

In this post, we’ll take a look at three current on-trend kitchen looks and see how our Karndean Designflooring can help you to create your very own trendy kitchen space.

Industrial Chic

When we think of an industrial look, we draw inspiration from factories, working sheds, warehouses, commercial kitchens and raw materials.

Industrial chic kitchens

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Some of the common themes used in industrial look kitchens include exposed plumbing, rustic finishes, concrete flooring and bench tops, stainless steel, oversized tapware, industrial light installations and minimalistic furniture. With an overall look that resembles an old school warehouse, we love how cool and understated this popular look is.     

Industrial chic kitchens | Karndean Designflooring   

Image: Charred Oak VGW102T (left) and Raven Oak LLP302 (right)

Opt for rustic-look floors when creating your own industrial inspired kitchen. Our Looselay Raven Oak and Van Gogh Salvaged Redwood planks both feature an aged rustic pattern. All of our products are waterproof and perfect for use in your industrial kitchen space.  

Hamptons elegance 

A Hamptons style kitchen is light and casual, setting the tone for an elegant and refined space. It’s a representation of the relaxed, leisurely and classic style of living that incorporates natural materials and plenty of natural light. A Hamptons style kitchen utilizes various shades of light colors including whites and creams, traditional woods such as oak, light stone such as marbles and large traditional bay windows to let in lots of light. 

Hamptons elegance ktichens

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Hamptons elegance kitchens

Image: Providence LLP108 (left) and Bath Stone ST12 (right)

Add a touch of Hamptons sophistication to your kitchen by using lighter-toned flooring finishes. LooseLay Providence has the right warmth and tone of natural wood whilst the travertine finish of Alderney offers a clean and airy stone finish. All of our products are stain-resistant and perfect for use in your Hamptons-style kitchen space.  

Modern Minimalism

Modern minimalistic kitchens are becoming works of art in their own right. Practical and on-trend, they use straight lines and block shapes instead of traditional curves and homely motifs to give an overall clean and sleek look.

Modern minimalism kitchen

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The clean straight lines of our Karndean Art Select, Opus and LooseLay planks complement the on-trend sleek look of today’s modern kitchens.

Modern minimalistic kitchens | Karndean Designflooring

Image: Double Smoke Acacia RP105

Whatever finish you’re hoping to inject into your kitchen, all of our products are scratch-resistant and perfect for use in your modern kitchen space.  

For more kitchen inspiration, visit our kitchen room page to view our kitchen gallery.

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