Fall Trends to Fall For

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Believe it or not, fall has already arrived! As we give our final farewells to the summer heat, we get ready to embrace the crisp days of fall ahead. Not only does fall bring the return of the beloved pumpkin spice latte, it also marks the arrival of a new season of home décor. So while the leaves change colour outside, we are also seeing a shift indoors to darker, richer, and more luxurious finishes that provide a feeling of coziness. To help you bring some spice and comfort to your home, here are a few tricks that are sure to be a treat!  

Velvet & Cozy Quilts  

Two comforting trends have been revived this fall! Soothing velvets bring glamour to your space, while classic quilts bring that nostalgic home comfort. These two textiles typically lie at opposite ends of the design spectrum, but when incorporated into your décor have the same warming result.  

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Since fall is all about layers, try incorporating both these trends into your home's décor. A velvet upholstered chair with a throw quilt, or quilted duvet and velvet pillows, or even a quilt made of velvet material! The more textures the better. Velvet and quilts are both equally luxurious in their own ways. But when used simultaneously, your décor will be visually and textually stimulating on multiple levels.  


Luxe Brass Finishes 

Brass is the metal of choice this fall. Use small brass accents throughout your décor for a timeless design that will last. But be sure to use it sparingly as the saying goes "too much of a good thing" reigns true. Brass brings an industrial, vintage retro look with the right amount of glamour that fits perfectly with current trends. 

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Blush and Black 

While the clean look of all-white interiors reigned over recent décor trends, our homes are ready to turn over a new leaf with a change of colour. Before Old Man Winter arrives and paints the town white, it is time to bring some warmth indoors. This fall, it's all about drama and embracing warm, rich shades of brown, black, navy, green, and blush. Excite your senses with contrasting elements, such as dark onyx walls paired with lighter flooring and trim or vice versa, neutral walls with dark chocolate wood flooring. 

Korlok Washed Grey Ash RKP8104 

If you're not ready for the drama, it's okay, you'll love rosé! By far the hottest color this season, blush hues have us loving everything pink! 


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