Style your Home: 2017 Flooring Trends

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Big, blonde, and beautiful, no we don't mean the award-winning Broadway musical; we are referring to the hottest wood flooring trends of 2017! Although the wood look is a classic, there are several things to consider when selecting the flooring for your home's design, and, with the right choices you can bring a stylish twist to an old classic. Designs in the flooring market are constantly developing and changing, to help you stay up-to-date on your flooring choices we have outlined the key design aspects to look for.

To stay on trend and pick a stylish floor for your home, consider three key design aspects: size, color and style.

Size: Go Big or Go Home

Large planks are not a "new" trend but are definitely taking center stage in 2017. It has become common knowledge that larger planks are the go to design hack. Bigger and wider planks help bring drama to your space while they sport a modern elegant and not to mention expensive look. From wide to long planks, Karndean Designflooring has several large scale options available. Our recommendation is to check out LooseLay Longboard, Korlok and Opus to find the perfect extra large plank for your home.

Korlok Washed Butternut RKP8108

Color: Have More Fun with Blonde

The boldness continues with the top podium-place flooring colors of 2017. Rather than traditional wood flooring neutrals, we are seeing a more extreme spectrum of colors. At one extreme the light blonde wood is gaining popularity and without question takes home the gold. Lighter flooring will make your space feel brighter, bigger and more open. Get the look with Karndean LooseLay Newport flooring for the perfect blend of soft blonde highlights and authentic appearance.

LooseLay Newport LLP94

At the opposite end of the spectrum, we are also seeing an increasing popularity of dark stained floors. From espresso brown to almost black onyx washes this flooring choice is sure to make a statement. Get the look with Karndean's Van Gogh Ebony, for a striking contemporary look.

Van Gogh Ebony VGW89T

Style: Cool Gray to Barn Wood

Last, but definitely not least, we look to the type of wood. With so many options these days it is helpful to narrow down your choices. This year we are seeing two styles at the top of the score boards. Both shifting away from the sleek shiny looks, to a homelier style filled with warmth and character. To start, gray washes are flooding the market and lucky for you LooseLay Longboard does double duty with plenty of gray looks in an extra large format.

LooseLay Longboard French Grey Oak LLP308

The second style, reclaimed wood, tells a story with its beauty and uniqueness found on each plank. The historic distressed look of this flooring style gives it a welcoming, rustic feel that is sure to stay a while. Get the look with Karndean's Korlok French Oak. This design comes from boards sourced from French oak flooring dating back to the 17th Century. Hundreds of years of wear have resulted in a worn and rustic design, Korlok has faithfully recreated the detail of real aged timber, with none of the practical drawbacks.

Korlok Reclaimed French Oak RKP8109

You still might be asking yourself...where do I begin? We suggest you start by seeking inspiration with the Karndean Style Finder tool.

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