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Tips from the Table: Oxidized and Industrial Inspired Floors

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When you hear the term “weathered,” you may naturally think of wood but there is actually an entire movement around weathered, industrial-look floors, including materials such as sheet-metal and concrete. If you consider your style to have a modern influence, you may want to consider an oxidized or industrial floor for your next renovation. While industrial-inspired spaces can at times feel cold, these rich, earthy color combinations are sure to warm things up. 

Eisen CER13

If you typically don’t like to venture outside of your comfort zone, start with Eisen. Our designers were inspired by the natural oxidation process, and to create the design for this product, took a sheet of steel and watched as it transformed from a smooth, shiny surface to a marked and weathered structure. Eisen’s dark tones and subtle patterning allow it to masquerade as a number of natural materials, while providing an overall neutral tone. We’ve chosen our Ebony design strip to complement the tiles.

Single Smoked Acacia RP104

If you prefer a wood look to match your industrial décor, consider Aged Kauri, Single Smoked Acacia or Double Smoked Acacia. Aged Kauri, while its design is more on the rustic side, comes in a warm red-brown tone, Single Smoked Acacia combines the visuals of burnt wood with rich earthy red tones, and Double Smoked Acacia features burnt visuals in a red-brown. These looks emulate hardwood flooring that could be found in factories and manufacturing plants around the turn of the century.

Forma SP214

For a look with some shimmer, consider Forma, which has a striking mix of rust tones mixed with an almost silvery sheen. Complement the tiles or create a grouted effect by using our Chocolate design strips.

Robigo SP715

If you like the look of the Forma tiles, but not the size, you may prefer Robigo or Russus. Robigo brings together a mix of rust, copper and charcoal tones, while Russus, which is extremely similar features only copper and charcoal tones. You could create a design featuring both of these products, using the Russus 6” x 36” planks as a border and Robigo’s 18” x 36” tiles as your main product.

Terra SP212

While most of the options shown above have warmer tones to them, perhaps you are searching for a neutral or cool-toned floor. Concrete-look floors have been a big trend in industrial commercial environments for a couple of years now and have begun to cross over into residential spaces. If you’re going for an “unfinished” concrete look, we recommend not placing any strips between the Terra tiles (above right), or if you want to break up the look, we’ve added Ebony design strips (above left). You could put your own sophisticated spin on a concrete layout by combining Terra with Black Oak, as shown below and in our Black and White Patterns blog. For a neutral concrete look, you may like Colorado or Cambric.

Terra SP212 Black Oak AP03 3mm Ebony DS07

These are a few ideas to get you started on creating the ideal industrial-inspired space. Visualize these looks using our Floorstyle digital tool and share your designs with us on Twitter using #KarndeanTips!

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