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Trend Alert: The Great Outdoors

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With its vibrant hues, refreshing scents and natural beauty, there’s nothing quite like being at one with the great outdoors. As our busy modern lifestyles see us indoors more often than out, there are plenty of interior styles that can help us to enjoy the best of both worlds. 

From adopting the earthy tones of the sea, sky and land, to picking up on the unique textures of natural materials, there's no need to exclude the outdoors when it comes to the interior style of your home.

House plants in the bathroom

Grow your own greenery

House plants may seem like an easy win, but their appeal works best when they're carefully considered. Surrounding ourselves with living things can easily become more messy than mellow. So when it comes to your indoor-greenery, take care to place, prune and proudly position them in a way that complements your current decor. 

Opt for hanging baskets and trailing plants that give a naturally cascading look in corners and on shelves. Position plants against clean, neutral backdrops to make their colors stand out and combine different types of plants and colours to ensure an effortlessly natural look. 

Let the light in - spacious room sets

Featured floors: CER21 SindonRP99 Limed Cotton Oak & RP98 Limed Linen Oak 

Let the light in

Whether it’s bright and breezy outside, or dark and stormy, you can use light, shade and clever spaces to truly appreciate the elements, no matter what the season. Keep clutter away from windows and design your space in a way that leads the eye seamlessly to the light. French doors can flood your room with flattering natural light, highlighting the details in your decor and creating an authentic atmosphere.

In areas where natural light is in short supply, use cool, airy colors to lift the mood or feature nature-inspired artwork to bring a touch of scenery inside.

Watercolour wallpaper, awash with sea colours

Awash your walls with colour

Just because you’re surrounded by walls doesn’t mean they need to box you in with bold, block colors. Watercolor wallpaper or multi-tonal splashes of color can help you to recreate a naturally alluring sea-like look that's perfect for a tranquil relaxing space. Incorporate the deepest blues with rich turquoise tones and be reminded of that fresh water feel in the comfort of your own home. 

LLP Antique Heart Pine - plants and watering can image.

Featured floor: LooseLay Longboard Antique Heart Pine (UK, USA & Canada)

Use natural tones from the ground up

If you love the outdoor look, you'll want to see it wherever you go. One of the simplest ways to incorporate a natural style that follows you from the outside in is to start underfoot. With luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), you can enjoy the look of natural wood, without the additional maintenance. Both our gluedown and LooseLay ranges are easy to install and simple to care for, meaning that you can keep it looking its best, even when parts of the real outdoors find their way in!

Whether you want a classic pine-inspired look or a distressed oak style, many of our ranges feature a subtle texture, along with intricate grain details and naturally-inspired hues. If you're looking for a classic au natural style or a modern rustic look, browse our inspiration galleries.

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