Burnet CER19 Limed Linen Oak RP98

Tips from the Table: Pairing wood and stone looks

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Open floor plans are extremely common today, whether you’re remodeling an existing home or purchasing a new one. Even though there is only one space, chances are that it serves multiple functions, like a living/dining area or a kitchen/living area. Instead of choosing just one floor to carry throughout the area, consider combining wood and stone looks to carve out separate areas based on function. 

Aesthetics aside, when choosing your products, take the thickness and type of edge into consideration. If you mix products from different Karndean Designflooring product ranges, simply compare the thickness and bevel. For a seamless transition, the two should match. With any of our products, simply select two products from the same range, and not only will your transition be seamless, but many of the wood and stone visuals will complement one another.

We’re often asked for recommendations on mixing wood and stone looks, so let’s take a look at our favorite combinations from our Da Vinci collection.

Inspired by weathered steel, Eisen’s blend of dark tones and subtle pattern allows it to masquerade as a number of natural materials, providing you with a floor that complements any décor style. When paired with Blended Oak, which features varying tones, Eisen brings out the oak’s mid-dark grain details and olive green flecks.

Eisen CER13 Blended Oak RP95

Eisen CER13 & Blended Oak RP95

When mixed with Limed Linen Oak’s pale, lime-washed visuals, Burnet’s dark fawn tones and subtle speckles of white, black, brown and even pink, come to life. 

Burnet CER19 Limed Linen Oak RP98

Burnet CER19 & Limed Linen Oak RP98

As a darker limestone, Sable’s swirling patterns complement the charred details within Double Smoked Acacia’s streamlined pencil planks. 

Sable CER16 Double Smoked Acacia RP105

Sable CER16 & Double Smoked Acacia RP95

If you like these looks, you may also like Cambric CER20 or Drift CER17 with Coastal Driftwood RP100; Spirito Limestone LST04 with Limed Cotton Oak RP99 (shown below); or Dune CER15 with Natural Oak RP102. Experiment with these and other blends by using our Floorstyle digital tool's side-by-side comparison feature.

Spirito Limestone LST04 and Limed Cotton Oak RP99

Visit your local Karndean platinum dealer to try your wood and stone combinations on their design table! Find you nearest platinum dealer on Find a Retailer. To see a completed project which mixes wood and stone, view our Peter Fallico case study.

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