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"Once upon a time" is one of those familiar phrases. One that instantly transports you to a magnificent realm full of fauna and flora. Since birth, we are told stories of enchantment and beautiful faraway lands. Stories most commonly known as fairy tales, which by definition, are that which resemble the magical, idyllic, and especially, joyful. Although some say fairy tales are not real, with today's Enchanted interior trend, every day will feel like you are living in your own fairy tale.

You don't need a fairy godmother, or adorable woodland creatures to help you transform your space. You'll just need to follow a few key décor guidelines to unlock your home's inner wonderland.

Live Life in Colour

There is nothing understated when it comes to Enchanted décor. It is all about bringing life to your space with colour and luxury. Use light pastel hues combined with nature-inspired patterns and luxurious textiles. Every inch of your space should be considered. When done correctly, the Enchanted look should stimulate and excite your senses as you take in every little detail.  


Sprinkle some Fairy Dust 

Take luxury to the next level and discover the magic of Enchanted décor by adding a little sparkle to your space. Incorporate mirrors, lush golden accents, and decadent crystal chandeliers to make your décor stand out. These extraordinary pieces will act as central focal points, bringing everything together. 



Grow a Garden of Eden

When you hear the word Enchanted, your thoughts are undoubtedly consumed with images of mythical forests. Which is why Enchanted décor wouldn't be complete without full foliage and fragrant florals. Make sure you incorporate various types of greenery throughout your space; vases of beautiful blooms, overgrown hanging plants, displays of whimsical branches, as well as full bodied potted plants. The more foliage the plant has the better! When used simultaneously they will flow naturally and organically throughout your space, giving the feeling of an indoor garden.



Nature at your Feet

What makes Enchanted décor effortlessly beautiful is its central principle of using natural elements. This is the same principle that we use to craft our flooring. All of our flooring is inspired by nature, and made for living. To get a truly Enchanted feel from the ground up, complete your home's look with our luxury vinyl tiles, inspired by real wood. Whether you're looking for a rustic distressed look or a classic grain, we have a variety of flooring options to choose from.


Featured Floor: HC04 Sundown Oak

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