Creating an LVT loyalist

Becoming an LVT loyalist

Karndean Designflooring

Vinyl has come a long a way in the past few decades. So much so, that luxury vinyl tile is now a category all its own. However, some consumers struggle to get past the “V word” and are filled with thoughts of peel and stick vinyl sheets from the 1970s, but do you know how far today's LVT has come?

Creating an LVT loyalist

Take a good look at today's LVT. When visiting a flooring retailer, can you tell the difference between LVT and other flooring materials? It's more difficult than it sounds. At Karndean Designflooring, we take great pride and care in making sure our embosses match our original product designs so that when you see a knot or gnarl in a plank, it feels true to the touch.

What are your pain points? When considering LVT versus other hard floor coverings, think about what problems you are trying to solve.

  • How much time would you like to spend on cleaning and maintenance?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you have children or pets?

Natural materials require constant upkeep, easily scratch and are susceptible to water damage, so they're just not a viable option in many homes. But what if you could have a floor that provides all the beauty of natural materials in a more durable, easy to maintain format? Here's the truth about Karndean LVT: Our floors are safe around children and pets (not to mention durable), are waterproof, and come with a lifetime warranty. Your family is likely on the go most of the time, so why not invest in a low maintenance option if it looks and feels authentic and is hard-wearing? To clean our floors, just sweep and a mop with a pH neutral cleaner approved for vinyl floors, making for a quiet and easy clean! Worried about your dog scratching the floor? Our products are finished with our K-Guard+ surface protection system, which provides a hygienic and durable finish and has a history of premium performance

Regardless of what type of LVT you're looking at, be sure to request a sample. It's important to touch the actual product and to see what it looks like in the environment where it will be installed. You can request up to six free samples from us! 

Creating an LVT loyalist

Last, but certainly not least, visualize LVT’s potential using digital tools and visuals. Our Augmented Reality (AR) app will help you to see what a Karndean floor would look like in the your space by taking a photo, while our Floorstyle digital tool, shows what the flooring of their choice looks like in a ready-made room set. Available in the widest range of colors and styles, our design components allow for a personalized floor design unique to your style and your space.

Today's LVT combines the best of both worlds - a beautiful, realistic floor without the maintenance hassle! Get started on your journey to becoming an LVT loyalist by finding your local Karndean retailer.

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