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Weather forecasts are calling for a heatwave, and we don't mean outside... think palm leaves, pineapples, and flamingos and you can practically feel the heat. As temperatures continue to rise outdoors, so will your home's thermostat, figuratively speaking. Because the hottest decor trend of the summer is here. Say Aloha to bold leafy prints and soft sandy backdrops with this summer's most sought-after tropical decor trend. This style brings the jungle, beach and rainforest indoors and definitely hits a sweet spot. We've got a few simple tips and tricks that will help you heat up your home's decor with a tropical flare.


Hawaiian Punch

At the core of tropical decor is the essential element of vibrant pops of color. From the captivating shades of blue that fade from ocean to sky to the striking pigments of exotic blooms, no tropical landscape could be complete without bold colored accents. On trend this summer, we are seeing lots of rich fuchsia, coral, and pink accents being used. Incorporating exotic colors in your decor will bring excitement to your space and is sure to spice things up.


Coco Nuts For Palm Leaves

No tropical decor could be complete without the classic imagery of the quintessential palm leaf! If you are looking to achieve a true tropical decor, the palm leaf is a necessary staple and can be incorporated in several ways. From palm leaf foliage to big bold prints on pillows, curtains, and statement wallpaper, adding palm leaf visuals to your space will instantly give you that sought after tropical feel.

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Sweet Accents

Today's popular culture shows there is an undeniable fascination with tropical fruit imagery. So, it is no surprise that decor trends have jumped on the bandwagon and we are seeing these exotic sweet fruits being incorporated in interior decor in new ways. Most notably, the pineapple has become a sweet symbol and a summer decor must have!

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Sand Between Your Toes

Lastly, go beachy! With all the loud elements of tropical decor, it can be difficult to achieve a cohesive look. Which is why it is best to start with a simple light canvas. A beachy palette of tans, creams, and grays is perfect to build upon. Use the distressed look for your floor to achieve a driftwood look straight from the beach. Karndean has every shade under the sun when it comes to flooring, we know you will be able to find something! 

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