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Renowned for simplicity, functionality and beauty, Scandi inspired designs offer a pared back style, focused on clean lines and understated elegance. 

Scandi style is not a new trend, in fact it’s been around for years, but the way that the movement evolves makes it easy to maintain - a desirable and attainable base for any home. We explore some of the key features of the current Scandi trends, to help you bring the look into your home. 

Start with a neutral base 

Keep your overall color scheme neutral, using white, cream or on-trend taupe, to create the foundation for your space. Introduce a mix of natural timber and wood effect materials throughout your space to create a ‘grounded’ feel, whilst introducing mixed textures. Light wood effect flooring will complement your neutral base, giving you the blank canvas you need in order to establish this look. 

Blank Canvas

Featured floor: Knight Tile - Pale Limed Oak (KP94)

Introduce personality with brights 

Whilst the phrase ‘Scandi’ may evoke feelings of stark, lifeless spaces, the modern take on the trend incorporates bold color and playful brights in order to reflect personality. Look for warming shades, such as yellow or orange, to transform the trend from cool and clean to warm and homely! 

Scandi Style Colour Pop

Image source: Pinterest

Opt for function over frills

Scandi inspired furniture is stylish, but also unfussy and practical. So ditch the overly decorative pieces and replace them with more clean-lined, multi-functional choices. Look for furniture which can be used in a number of ways, to ensure that your space holds on to its minimal feel and remains uncluttered. 

Scandi Style Furniture

Image source: Pinterest

Add interest with statement Pieces 

From eye-catching patterns on cushions to conversation-starting lamps, wall art and other eclectic, unique trinkets, choose accessories that make you stop and look. You’ll find unique pieces in both high end and budget stores – so get shopping and find a budget friendly piece to give your space the ‘wow’ factor! 

Scandi Style Statement Pieces

Featured floor: Knight Tile – Classic Limed Oak (KP97) 

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