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How to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger

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In a time where house prices are on the up, it’s never been more important to be frugal with your space. More and more people are opting for small space living, using clever tips and tricks to maximize their space. Whether you live in a small studio apartment, or are just looking to get more out of a small room or nook in your home, use these design ideas to help you create the perfect space…

Make your rooms multi-functional

Think about how you can make your furniture work for you. A spare bedroom for example can easily be converted into a guestroom with a home office and clothes storage with a just few key pieces. Remember that the space you allocate to one function should be proportional to how often it’s used. If you use the space every week as an office but only have overnight guests a few times a year, then focus your energy on creating a space that is predominantly a work-space, with the ability to house guests as a secondary function when required.

Small spaces Home Office

Image source: Pinterest

Create zones within an open plan space

Any open plan space can play host to multiple daily activities; cooking, eating, laundry and relaxing, so a great way to make your space feel bigger is to create zones. Flooring is the perfect way to do this, allowing for subtle transitions from space to space. Try going from stone effect tiles in the kitchen, to wood effect planks in the living room, or play with different laying patterns to truly separate your space.

Small spaces zones

Different colors and laying styles help to differentiate between a casual dining area and living space. Featured floors – Art Select Parquet

Work on a blank canvas

In small spaces, light is really important, and you need to think about how you can augment it. Light paint colors help with this – so opt for neutral shades like taupe or off-white, to which you can incorporate your personality. When it comes to ceilings, opt for a contrasting (yet still neutral) shade; for example, if you’ve chosen taupe for your walls opt for white ceilings. You can enhance this even further by choosing a neutral floor shade too.

Small spaces blank canvas

Featured floor: Knight Tile – White Painted Oak (KP105)

De-clutter with hidden storage

Traditional furniture is not made for small space living, often wasting space rather than increasing it.  This has resulted in cluttered rooms, which connotes an even smaller space. Over door shelves or units are a great use of space, as are stair drawers… Pinterest is a great place for ideas; check out our Organised Chaos pin board for more inspiration.

Small spaces door shelf

Image source: Pinterest

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