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Designflooring in the Family Room

Karndean Designflooring

One of the many benefits of Karndean is the ability to create a truly custom design. Because our gluedown ranges offer so many possibilities, it can be tricky to visualize what you could achieve in your home. Here are some key things to bear in mind when you're thinking about your new flooring.

Think about how you use your space. To some, a family room is a space where the kids camp out to do homework in the evenings, while to others it’s a formal space reserved for guests. While there is no “informal” way to lay a floor, there are ways to tailor your floor design to match the use of the room and your family’s style. 

Our borders are an easy way to up the sophistication of a room and to add visual interest, but if you’re working with a smaller space, our design strips will have the same effect. You could even create a thicker border using design strips, by using multiple strips together (also known as a tramline border).

Art Select Winter Oak RL04

Featured floor: Art Select - Winter Oak (RL04)

A common feeling is that stone in a living room makes the space “cold,” but with designflooring, you'll get all the visual benefits of real stone in a product which is comfortable underfoot and can even be used with underfloor heating for extra warmth. The sleek look of stone will instantly create a formal and contemporary feel. Add design strips between individual tiles for a grouting effect to complete the look.

Art Select Fiore LM16   

Featured floor: Art Select - Fiore (LM16)

Work with your room size. If you have a smaller space, a straight lay is a great way to make the space feel longer or wider. If you have a mid- to large-sized family room, consider laying planks on a 45-degree angle to fill out the space and add depth.

If you’re working with a larger space, try using contrasting products to create an original design. The image below shows our Limed Cotton Oak (RP99) as the border with a panel of Limed Linen Oak (RP98) in the center of the room. A combination of design strips separates the two panels, which are laid at different angles.

Da Vinci Limed Linen Oak RP98 Limed Cotton Oak RP99

In a very large area like this, a border or design strip combination could easily get lost in the space - particularly if you have lots of furniture to fill the space. Consider angling the main floor at a 45-degree angle and installing a full-plank border. This means installing a plank parallel to the wall the entire way around the room. You could do this in the same color as your main floor or in a contrasting color.

For more inspiration, check out our YouTube video, which looks at How to Create a Unique Shopping Experience with Karndean Designflooring.

If you can imagine it, designflooring can achieve it! Your local Karndean retailer can guide you through selecting the design that works best for your home and show you different strip and border options with the flooring you've chosen. You can even use their design table to come up with a completely original design! Find your local retailer here. Don't forget to share your completed family room designs on Facebook and Twitter using #RealHomes!

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