Dark floors complement all designs

Bring warmth to your space with dark tones

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It’s amazing how much a floor can transform a space. Warm toned floors are often associated with eloquent, lavish spaces, and cooler tones often feel light and contemporary. Our designers show you how to break the stereotype and make darker floors work for your space, whatever your style.


Monochrome is a trend that will never go out of style, and black floors can really help you to create a dramatic space. To add character and to break up the serious feel of the color scheme, try incorporating fun prints or bright shades, and really put your stamp on the trend.

Dark floors complement monochrome design

Featured floor: Art Select Parquet – Black Oak (AP03)


One of the most on-trend floor coverings at the moment is Walnut – a deep, chocolatey toned wood which complements contemporary interiors. Real walnut is impractical in the home, as its softness provides little durability and resistance to everyday wear and tear. Karndean’s walnut look flooring, however, offers all the aesthetic benefits of this beautiful timber, without the practical drawbacks of real wood.

Dark floors complement contemporary design

Featured floor: LooseLay Longboard – Character Walnut (LLP315)


If your space is more industrial themed and you’re looking for a wood effect, choose a reclaimed style wood, like Charred Oak below. Alternatively, check out our ‘weathered steel’ effect tiles like Molten, Iron Ore, Eisen or Carbon. These designs will help you to create a ‘worn’ look, really accentuating the industrial feel of your space.

Dark floors complement industrial design

Featured floor: Van Gogh – Charred Oak (VGW102T), Da Vinci Stone – Molten (CER11)


Traditional spaces and dark floors go hand-in-hand. Demonstrating chic sophistication, dark flooring can add a sense of richness and depth to your space. Experiment with design strips and borders, or look to different laying patterns to break up your floor and inject your personality into your space. 

Dark floors complement traditional design

Featured floor: Art Select – Sundown Oak (AP04 & HC04)

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