Spotlight on a Retailer Red Mountain Flooring

Spotlight on a Retailer: Red Mountain Flooring

Karndean Designflooring

Red Mountain Flooring in Idaho Falls, Idaho has been in the retail flooring business since 2008 and became a Karndean Designflooring partner in 2015. In that time, they have become experts at selling and installing Designflooring, from design strips to medallions, and are a huge advocates of Karndean. Jody and Michelle Robison recently took time out of their schedule to chat about their experiences as a Karndean Designflooring retail partner, and why Karndean Designflooring is the only hard surface flooring they sell.

Red Mountain Flooring Staff and Family

Jody (second from left), Michelle (second from right), Travis (right) and family

In your store, you only sell carpet and Karndean Designflooring. Why Karndean?

Jody: With Karndean, you can get a look that nobody else can offer. Designflooring sets us apart and keeps us one step ahead of our competitors. Not only does adding a border or strips create a finished look, but it leads to more add-ons and repeat business. For our installers, it’s just as easy to put in a border as it is to not include one. Our installer, Travis, has tried to do design-work with other brands, but the quality and flexibility of Karndean is so much better.

What would you say most of your customers are looking for when they come in to choose a new floor?

Michelle: Durability is definitely high on the list. Our customers are looking for a floor that’s easy to take care of. They don’t want to babysit their floor.

Jody: One thing we were told about Karndean that has stuck with me to this day is that “Karndean is a floor you can live your life on” and it’s true.

Red Mountain Flooring Installations

What is the first or most important question you ask a customer?

Michelle: Typically, we ask customers what is it that they’re looking for in a floor, function-wise. For example, we often have customers looking for tile, but they don’t like it because it’s too cold or they don’t want to take care of grout.

What flooring trends are you seeing in your store?

Michelle: We sell mainly wood looks. The rustic or barnwood looks are popular, so Van Gogh is usually a big seller. Gray tones do well for us too.

Red Mountain Flooring Showroom Floor

How would you describe Karndean as a business partner?

Jody: Karndean is reliable and consistent. I never have to worry about giving customers a date that they can expect their product to come in because it’s easy to track. I could never depend on the freight or timing being consistent with other manufacturers. With Karndean, you don’t feel like just a number. We tell customers that we have Karndean experts on speed-dial when we need them. When you factor in everything that Karndean is doing right, it makes our lives so much easier. Plus, Karndean is a family-owned business like we are – we have shared values.

Many thanks to Jody, Michelle and Travis at Red Mountain Flooring for sharing their time and experiences with us! We look forward to seeing what designs Travis comes up with next!

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