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Movies help us to escape from everyday life.  Even if it’s just for couple of hours, they can transport us to another world in a truly visual and immersive experience. 

Some of our favorite movies are filmed in the most beautiful locations or have been fashioned from set designers who have mastered the art of crafting beautiful sets. 

Inspired by these gorgeous backdrops, we're taking a look at our favorite movies, the inspired flooring featured in them and our tips on how you can bring this movie magic into your home. 

The grand hallways in Marie Antoinette 

The film 'Marie Antoinette' is set in the actual Palace of Versailles. As the queen glides across many quarters and rooms of the palace, the featured floor that captured our attention is the stunning checkerboard design in this grand hallway. The checkerboard look is a classic and timeless look and adds a sense of elegance and refinement to any space that is fit for royalty. 

Floors inspired by iconic films | Marie Antoinette

Image: Pinterest

How to create the Marie Antoinette look in your home

To create a classic checkerboard design, simply combine dark and light Karndean stone look tiles. Ideally, pick a black or dark grey tile and contrast this with a white tile. 

Floors inspired by iconic films | Chequerboard flooring in Art Select

Image: Otono LM15 and Fiore LM16 

Within our collection, we have many popular combinations that can be used to create this look. The marble effect of Otono LM15 and Fiore LM16 from our Art Select collection adds another level of sophistication and looks absolutely stunning. 

The houses in Nancy Meyer movies 

From the beach elegance of 'Something’s Gotta Give' to the exquisite kitchen in 'It’s Completed' the industrial chic kitchen of Jules’s home in 'The Intern' and the homely cottage scenes of 'The Holiday', the home interiors of Nancy Meyer films are simply gorgeous. 

Floors inspired by iconic films | The Intern

Image: Pinterest

You’ll notice that a lot of layers and textures are used in these spaces to create a warm and cozy feel. Underpinning each of these sets is the careful choice of flooring which is commonly a blend of rustic but refined looking floors.  

How to create this look in your home

If you’re looking to create the cozy sensibility of a Nancy Meyer movie home, we have quite a few rustic look timbers that can do just the trick. Our Art Select hand crafted woods and parquet have a traditional hand-scraped finish that offers a uniquely tactile finish. Alternatively you can explore our Van Gogh range that has all the character of real wood from rustic, distressed and reclaimed. 

Floors inspired by iconic films | AP02

Image: AP02 Auburn Oak

In 'The Intern', they’ve chosen a unique laying pattern and a border to highlight the kitchen island. Similarly you can use our design strips to create this zoned look and to help guide the eye to key areas in the kitchen. Rather than go for a straight lay, think about going for distinct laying pattern like herringbone to add a unique look to the space. 

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