Bathroom style ideas - our top picks revealed

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With so many gorgeous bathroom styles to choose from, there's plenty of opportunity to be creative with your design choices. Serving both a functional and comforting purpose, here are our top bathroom style picks we think achieve both.  

Country rustic charm

We love the look of country style bathrooms for their use of naturally inspired finishes. The use of rustic timbers and stones mirror the beauty of nature. When you combine this with vintage finishes, eclectic touches, or even a lavish free standing bath, you can create the perfect bathroom space that's both functional and beautiful.

Image: Burlington LLP110

Image: Mid Worn Oak KP103 (left) and Classic Oak VGW86T (right)

The opulent master bath

Who doesn’t like the idea of a room where you can just retreat from the rest of the world? If you’re lucky enough to have a master bathroom, an indulgent and relaxing sanctuary to take a break is a must. 

Image: Sindon CER21 (left) and Otono LM15 and Fiore LM16 (right)

Image: Evening Oak HC05 and Walnut VGW87T

Marble finishes add a luxurious touch, but a timber look floor can also add a sense of indulgence to a room where stone or ceramic tiles are commonly used. What makes the modern master bathroom so opulent are the finer details. Metallic textures add a touch of extravagance, uniquely shaped tubs are ideal for a deep soak bath, and bath-side tables are perfect for glass of red or scented candles - all coming together to create your own relaxing retreat.

Function over form 

The bathroom is a room that we use everyday so it makes sense to have a space that is first and foremost, functional. Whether it’s flooring that has a high slip resistance for a kid friendly bathroom or adequate storage space for smaller bathrooms, purposeful bathrooms are high on our list of our favourite bathroom styles.

Image: Grano WP311

Image: Drift CER17 and Navarra MS2

Industrial chic

Another of our favorites that's still trending to this day is industrial chic.  The use of raw and exposed materials is edgy and unassuming, but most importantly serves its function without the need for added embellishments. In industrial styled bathrooms, you’ll find plenty of 'raw' materials including exposed brick walls, uncovered water pipes and metallic finishes.

Image: Reclaimed Redwood VGW99T (left), Molten CER11 (centre) and Iron Ore CER12 (right)

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