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Ahhh, the blissful and refreshing feel of a sparkling clean bathroom! Yet every time cleaning day comes around, there's no chore you'd rather skip. From scum and mildew stains to dirt and grime, scrubbing this germ-filled room is a workout you'd prefer to give a miss. As much as you try to avoid this daunting task, the fact remains that bathrooms need cleaning on the regular. Fortunately, we have an interior solution to help you get that glistening feeling with a little less elbow grease.

Korlok Canadian Oak RKP8116 (Available in Canada September 1st)

When it comes to bathroom décor, one of the most popular flooring design choices is the aesthetically appealing look of tiling. But traditionally, with tile flooring also comes the mildew magnet known as grouting. A pain to clean, and often requiring harsh chemicals to remove tough stains, grouting is the non-monetary price you pay when you choose tile flooring.   

Knight Tile Carrara T90 with Diamond Border

But did you know it doesn't have to be this way? You can have the look of beautiful flooring tiled minus the headache of cleaning it with Karndean stone look flooring and LVT design strips. Say goodbye to the tedious toothbrush scrubbing on your hands and knees, because Karndean's easy maintenance flooring will have you looking forward to cleaning days.

Da Vinci Sindon CER21 with Concrete DS12 Design Strips

Unlike many of the natural materials Karndean replicates in their designs, all Karndean flooring has seamless surface with no grime or dirt traps. Which means on cleaning day, you can effortlessly wash away life's messes from surface to surface. If you have your heart set on the look of classic tile flooring complete with grouting for your bathroom, Karndean's design strips can be used between tiles to create that natural grouting effect. And the best part, design strips require no special attention or scrubbing and they come in a variety of colours!  

LooseLay Longboard Taupe Oak LLP309

So toss the toothbrush and just remember these three simple steps...  

  1. Start by giving your bathroom a quick sweep with a soft brush to remove loose dirt and dust 
  2. Next, mix your solution using clean water and a pH neutral cleaner, such as Karndean Clean 
  3. Lastly, give your flooring a good mop with the solution, making sure to remove any excess liquid. And that’s it!     
Less time cleaning, means more time for the things you love, like relaxing bubble baths!    

If you'd like more information on cleaning and maintenance check out the Floor Care Guide for floor care helpful hints and tips! 

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