5 ways to optimize small bathroom spaces

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There are plenty of ways to make the most out of your bathroom, regardless of its size. The flooring you select can actually make a room feel more open than you thought possible, so don’t settle on feeling cramped - read our five top tips for optimizing your bathroom and you’ll see that even a small space can make a big impact.

1) Lighten up

It’s no secret that lighter colors make a room seem more airy and spacious. As you can see above, our whitewashed LooseLay Bleached Tasmanian Oak (UK & AUS) complemented with gray tiling really does open up a space. If you’re worried about your bathroom looking too clinical, add pops of color here and there such as plants, towels and other small accessories so you retain a bright, fresh look that still feels homely.

Five ways to optimise small bathroom

Knight Tile Rose Washed Oak (Available in UK & AUS only)

2) Lay your flooring on an angle

Our flooring can be laid in various directions, so you could opt for a diagonal format as this will trick your eyes into a different perspective, making the space feel larger. In addition, the soft, natural tones of our Rose Washed Oak adds warmth.

Five ways to optimise small bathroom

Van Gogh Classic Oak

3) Elongate your space

If you have a narrow yet long bathroom, or you wish to make the space appear longer, lay the floor parallel to the longest wall as this will elongate the space and offer the best visual impact. Don’t be afraid to use a slightly darker floor color, especially if you have plenty of natural light. Alternatively, recessed ceiling lights can add extra brightness.

Five ways to optimise small bathroom

Opus Mico (Available in UK & AUS only)

4) Unify with color

By using similar neutral colors on your flooring and walls, like the on-trend greys shown above, you will create an impression of never-ending space. This will make your bathroom appear less busy, cleaner and ultimately larger.

Five ways to optimise small bathroom

Knight Tile White Painted Oak

5) Go coastal

Give your bathroom a coastal makeover with our White Painted Oak and pastel blue walls to create a soothing space for total relaxation all year round. You can add small decorations that add character without clutter, such as nautical accessories, a small dish of shells, small plants, and a pot of sea salts for next to the bath for a true spa-like experience. We created the look above using our Floorstyle Floor Designer tool - why not have a go creating your ideal bathroom here.

BONUS TIP: As well as being waterproof, all our flooring is compatible with underfloor heating, which is a great way to add a bit of extra warmth without taking up any space in the bathroom itself.    

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