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Herringbone, a design that made its debut on the cobblestone streets of the Roman Empire, continues to pop up in design elements year after year. Designers and architects alike are rediscovering the pattern and fresh new looks are emerging. It’s a love affair that’s not going to fade anytime soon.   

This timeless pattern deserved a tribute, so we have put together a list of the five reasons why herringbone has maintained its popularity through the ages and remains a key influencer in the realm of good home and fashion design.

1. Romancing the Bedroom

What keeps designers coming back to the herringbone pattern is its versatility. Although it can work in all types of applications, we love a captivating dark herringbone floor in the bedroom. Add a modern twist to your bedroom with a pop of colour to give your room that certain 'je ne sais quoi'.

Herringbone Bedroom

Featured floor: Art Select Wood Parquet Black Oak (AP03) 

2. Herringbone Heritage

We can’t talk about herringbone without a nod to fashion... From years past to today, the iconic dapper look of herringbone in a timeless tweed jacket still makes a strong statement.

Herringbone Tweed


3. Tile it in Style

An all-white kitchen can sometimes look cold and uninviting without subtle accents to bring warmth. The herringbone pattern of this kitchen backsplash, in a narrow marble mosaic tile, adds just the right amount of texture, with warm tones bringing character to an otherwise stark colour palette. 

Herringbone Tile

Designed by Jackie GlassPhoto, Karen Kirk

4. Making a Grand Entrance

The entrance of any home is one of the most used and seen spaces. Designed to receive visitors to your home, it’s a space that mustn’t be ignored. A stunning herringbone floor inspired by old-world opulent interiors will make a lasting impression. Decorate with a narrow bench or credenza so your guests have a place to drop their bags and sit to remove shoes and boots. Complete the look with a great light fixture to illuminate your beautiful floor.

Herringbone Entrance

Featured floor: Art Select Wood Parquet  Auburn Oak (AP02)

5. Herringbone Zen

People often shy away from experimenting with patterns for fear of their room looking too busy. Herringbone is a great intro to experimenting with patterns as it compliments so many other designs. This is a perfect example of how Karndean Parquet floor compliments the wallpaper design and subtle neutral colours.

Herringbone Livingroom

Featured floor: Art Select Wood Parquet  Auburn Oak (AP02)

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