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Get The Look: Chic Parquet

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Nothing defines a space quite like a parquet floor. Whether you’re updating a family room or restyling a bedroom, bring natural wooden tones to life with this classically creative style. 

As open-plan living becomes a growing trend, many of us find ourselves looking for that unique interior edge to give it a personal touch. Parquet flooring is a great way to style up a minimal space, without needing to add furniture or accessories. It turns your floor into a feature, that can be as striking or as subtle as you like.

Add drama to the darkness

If you want an ultra-dark floor, you can amplify its detail with a parquet pattern. Our Art Select Black Oak Parquet is a sultry style with detailed grain and a modern matte coating. It looks great with sleek, steel fixtures and complements patterns beautifully making it an ideal choice for a luxe-look boudoir, or a sophisticated dressing room. 

Adding interest, angles and a stylish finish, the classic herringbone parquet laying pattern gives you a visual that you’ll be proud to showcase.

Art Select Black Oak Parquet

Art Select Black Oak Parquet

Build character with a block laying pattern

Herringbone isn’t the only parquet style to choose from. Another classic and ever re-imagined look is block parquet, used to create a characterful look.  

Block parquet can be used in a range of ways. From adding personality to a large hallway to livening up smaller square-shaped spaces. The warm, golden tones of our Art Select Auburn Oak Parquet are showcased beautifully in this traditional style, making it a great neutral base to build your interior style around. 

Art Select Auburn Oak Parquet

Art Select Auburn Oak Parquet

Style up with design strips

Parquet flooring gives your interiors an instant lift. Adding a whole new design element that you can build around and let take the lead. If you like the idea of parquet, but would prefer larger scale planks, then you can opt for a herringbone layout using any of our other full sized planks. You can even add strips and borders to create a truly unique floor, perfectly suited to your needs. 

From a contrasting edge to a slight variation, our strips and borders can proudly frame your planks, emphasising their stylish layout and modernising the finished look.

Chic Parquet Auburn Oak Floor

Art Select Dawn Oak HC01 and Honey Design Strip DS03

All of our floors can be laid over a good quality sub-floor and can be easily taken care of in a few simple steps. 

If you’re looking to enjoy a chic parquet look in your home, visit your local retailer to learn all about the possibilities available with Karndean Designflooring.

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