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Texture is the secret weapon of all good designers and is one element without which no room is complete. Texture helps to bring subtle attention to objects and transform light, but it can also suggest a particular design style. For example, typically when you think of contemporary spaces – you picture sleek and glossy surfaces with little texture, whereas you would associate a rustic space with heavier fabrics, real wood furniture and natural stone.

Without texture, a space can look stark and sterile, but overdo it and you can run the risk of making your space look cluttered, busy or even dirty. The key is finding your place on the scale to match your taste and design preferences. In this post we take a look at some of the most popular and some of the more ‘out-of-the-box’ ways of introducing texture into your space…

Fabrics are the obvious solution when it comes to incorporating texture into a space, simply for the vast amount of choice – from fur to leather, cotton to hessian, there really is something for every taste. Modern spaces tend to stick to soft and smooth fabrics, however the occasional ‘feature’ fur cushion really helps to add character.

Elements of Design Texture Cushions

Image source: Anthropologie.com

Another subtle way to bring texture into your space is through your flooring. There are so many different flooring options available, but Karndean combines all the best bits; boasting natural looking wood and stone effect designs. Designflooring is easy to maintain and much warmer underfoot than real stone, timber, laminate or tiled floors. BurnetCambric and Sindon, three of our new Da Vinci Stone effects, take inspiration from natural fabrics with intricate, subtle strands across each tile. You'll also find textile looks in our LooseLay range, allowing you to be even more creative when introducing texture into your space.

Elements of Design Texture Flooring

Featured floor: Da Vinci Stone – Cambric (CER20)

In recent times, textured wallpapers have seen a revival – but we’re not talking 80’s style magnolia flower emboss – textured wallpaper now comes in a huge range of styles and patterns. Woven fabric effect papers are a really on-trend, subtle way to incorporate extra texture into your space. Furthermore, woven papers can help to brighten your space, as the horizontal strands help to bounce and reflect light around your room.

Elements of Design Texture Wallpaper

Image source: Pinterest

Plants are a really interesting way to bring texture to your space, and a slightly more original approach to room styling. Often forgotten about by homeowners, plants can really bring a space to life – and there is such a wide variety available that it isn’t difficult to find something to suit any space. 

Texture Plants

Image source: Pinterest

More often than not, texture can be achieved in a space without even having to think about it… but a little planning and some well thought out pieces can make a huge difference to the overall look of your room. 

Feeling inspired? Show us how you’ve mixed textures in your space for a beautifully styled look. Share your photos with us on Instagram and Pinterest.

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