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Elements of Design: Color

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Color is arguably the most significant element of design, front of mind when making decisions on home décor and often the basis of a design concept or theme for a space. It’s important to think outside the realms of your personal preferences when it comes to color in order to keep your décor current and fresh.

We spoke to our design experts to find out more about what can be achieved by using color…

First and foremost, a space has to be aesthetically pleasing to those who live within it, but try and push personal taste and convention to the side and think outside the box. Pinterest is a great place to find new, up and coming color and material combinations that you may not have thought about.

Elements of design - colour palettes

Image source: Pinterest

If you’re working with a small space, it’s easy to make it feel even more closed in by over-using deep shades. Stick to muted, neutral and pastel hues and in order to make a room feel more spacious and airy. Add pops of color to demonstrate your personality; reflective metallics such as polished copper work really well with neutral tones and are high on the trend agenda right now. 

Elements of design - light and airy

Featured floor: Knight Tile – White Painted Oak (KP105)

Color is a great way to create a focal point in a space, but you don’t need to paint a feature wall in a bright shade in order to make an impact. A more original approach would be to draw the eye to a feature floor – accentuating borders, intricate design and unusual laying patterns. Try using different shades of the same color tone to draw subtle focus to a space.

Elements of design - multi-tonal flooring

Featured floor: Kaleidoscope in Tripoint, using Knight Tile – Mid Worn Oak (KP103), Light Worn Oak (KP104) and White Painted Oak (KP105)

Color has been proven to evoke specific psychological responses. Strong hues keep the brain active, which is great for schools, offices and creative spaces, but can be quite draining when overused in a living room or bedroom. To create a calm and inspiring space, opt for a lighter shade of a strong color. We love pale yellows, greens and pink, which are known to encourage clear thinking and concentration.

Elements of design - calming office

Image source: Pinterest

We’d love to see how you’re using color in your living spaces – don’t forget that you can share your photos with us on Instagram or Pinterest

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