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Interiors Inspired by Nature: the beauty of aged materials

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The saying, ‘with age comes beauty’ can certainly be defined by the captivating visuals of aged and weathered raw materials. Nothing offers sumptuous character quite like the mix of dark hues and sun-bleached shades of a piece of driftwood, or the deep scar-like grains of a 200-year-old oak beam.

Weaving aged materials throughout your home design not only creates a sense of gravitas , but highlights your individuality. It’s also a great way to tell a story - with the simplest of combinations having the biggest impact. Here’s a few of our favorite ways to integrate wondrously worn materials in your home style.

 Interiors inspired by nature reclaimed wood
Create an eye-catching and provocative atmosphere by mixing old with new…

The remarkable and varying features of aged pine, maple and oak lovingly radiate warmth and charm, which is why they make such great choices for focal furniture. If you can reclaim a few sturdy planks or pieces of your favorite timber, simply (and securely!) bolster together and add wheels for a movable, large coffee table. 

New Vintage VG Redwood 

Creatively breathing a new lease of life into a discarded piece of wood furniture is much easier than you may think. A weathered pine door can transform your kitchen table top - painted, varnished or simply cleaned-up , it will certainly be a discussion point at dinner. 

Interiors inspired by nature ladder shelving
We’re all still very much enamored of the ladder shelving unit. Easy to create, personalize and erect, take an old pair of metal or timber steps, then simply add flat wood planks or slate slabs…if you have confidence the ladder can hold the weight, of course! The contrast between the stone and the wood greats a glorious disposition in any room. 

Interiors inspired by nature - natural materials 

Weaving nature into your home decor doesn’t have to be on a large scale…

Dried pine cones to tree branches, smooth pebbles to mineral stones, displayed in the most simplistic of ways, these subtle accents and touches can offer a peaceful contribution to bringing the outdoor elements in to your living space. 

Interiors inspired by nature - stone

Does your home feature beautiful reclaimed timbers, warped metal details or etched stone? We’d love to see your interior creativity - share your images with us on Instagram using #InspiredbyNature and tagging @karndeandesignflooring

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