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How to incorporate designflooring features into your interior design

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Well thought out and curated décor schemes deserve an equally inspiring flooring design, one that supports your interior style and highlights the character of your room. 

When it comes to developing such a floor design, you can be forgiven for thinking it’s a complex and time consuming process…it really isn’t. By adding simple features or laying patterns, your floor can quickly become a striking asset. Our exclusive designflooring features enable you to create a floor that is just as unique as your style. 

Here’s a quick and simple guide to help you create a floor that’s perfect for your space…

Design Strips – using our range of design strips, consider these three easy ways to develop a look that will highlight your interior style: 

Grouting effect – if you’re considering a stone look design for the kitchen or bathroom, our design strips can be used to create the look of real grout. Choosing a colour to match the tone of the tile will bring a delicate, seamless detailed finish. Or, opting for a contrasting shade will enhance the individual tiles, instantly adding depth to the design, as well as creating a subtle statement.


Ship’s deck – using our dark design strips, Ebony or Chocolate, between each wood look plank, you can bring that classic, nautical feel to a space, whatever its size. This design helps to elongate the look of the planks, subsequently your floor space will look much larger. Winner!

Keyline border – define the area of your space with a keyline border. This simple effect will add a sense of sophisticated style and with an array of hues to choose from, will pair easily with your individual décor and colour scheme.

Borders – finish your floor with a decorative wood or stone border to frame the room and highlight any architectural design features.

Decorative Borders - it’s all in the detail. Pairing one of our wood or stone designs with a complementary decorative border will add character to the floor, and can truly redefine an interior. A great design element if you have an open-plan living area where you may be looking at ways to create harmony and subtle transition from one function to the next. Here are some suggestions for pairing ourdecorative wood and stone border options.

Combination and Layout – using a combination of tones or a unique laying pattern, you can create an individual flooring design for your home. 

Combining designs – if you’re seeking something different that falls between statement and conventional floor design, consider using a combination of two wood or stone designs. As exampled above, by using designs from the same colour palette, but contrasting tones, you can create a sense of texture and allure.

Layout – laying patterns such as herringbone, chequerboard or straight lay on a 45-degree angle can add that delightful additional detail to your interior style. Transforming a blank canvas into an interior ensemble.   

Define with size -  our decadent Art Select Stones collection offers two tile formats with fully bevelled edges; a classic 18” x 24” tile and the 6” plank-like FreeLengths which come in varying lengths. These tiles masterfully combine and blend to either define a particular area or create unique but subtle design variation.
The design choice is yours with Karndean Designflooring – your local retailer will be able to show you any of the above design options. To find your nearest Karndean Retail Partner, use our handyFind a Retailer tool.

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