Creating your individual with Da Vinci |  LST03 Piazza

Creating your individual style with our Da Vinci range

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Combing the traditional with subtle variations of modern design, this week we present our striking Da Vinci woods and stones collection.

As we continue our ‘creating your individual style with Karndean Designflooring’ series, we present some of our favourite timber and stone inspired designs from the range - pairing them with a spectrum of interior design styles and trends to suit. So, whether you’re looking for the perfect limestone hue to complement your rural, rustic kitchen or a moody, repurposed driftwood plank to create a true statement in your hallway, our Da Vinci collection is packed full of unique, characterful designs. 


Without further ado, here are a few designs that provide the ideal backdrop for a number of key interior looks…

Creating your individual with Da Vinci | RP99 RP98

RP98 Limed Linen Oak and RP97 Limed Jute Oak
– if your style follows the simplistic beauty of clean lined minimalism, then perhaps the combination of our Limed Linen Oak and Limed Juted Oak may capture your attention? As seen above, the wonderful blend of linear grain details and bevelled edges of both designs adheres to the modernistic trend, whilst an element of warmth radiates through the light to mid brown tones of classic and pale limed washed oak. We love this striking design and this particular pair also look fantastic laid in both herringbone and chevron patterns.
Creating your individual with Da Vinci | Smoked Acacia

RP104 Single Smoked Acacia
 – with its beautiful authenticity, our Single Smoked Acacia was designed to carefully replicate the striking visuals of burnt wood, whilst emanating the darker tones indicative of the species. With a subtle colour variation across each plank, this design is the perfect partner for those more masculine interiors - supporting dark walls and bold room accessories – it won’t fall into the background going unnoticed.   

Creating your individual style with our Da Vinci range

RP73 Kenyan Tigerwood
-  the exotic grain and distinct pattern detail of Kenyan Tigerwood oozes warmth when paired with cooler, lighter colour schemes. With its bevelled edge finish, this slender plank is a true classic, which makes it a great option for the children’s bedroom or play area, as it will effortlessly adapt with the growing décor of the room.  

Creating your individual with Da Vinci Country Kitchen

LST03 Piazza Limestone – if you’ve opted for bright white walls, accessorised with the charm of rustic furniture and fixtures, Piazza Limestone will bring an additional hint of warmth to your space. With its neutral palette of classic limestone hues, softly pitted surface texture and gentle dappled pattern, it’s a truly wonderful and adaptable backdrop. 

Creating your individual with Da Vinci | Limestone

LST05 Santi Limestone - bringing a rich, earthy grey-brown hue to a delicate mottled pattern, Santi Limestone is one of those designs which is surprisingly versatile. Ideal for those seeking a flooring design that will ground a light pastel colour scheme or one featuring bold, floral patterns -  it’s also a design that really does works well in any room of the house. 

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