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Five Steps to Creating an Inspirational Playroom

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Creating a great space for your children can be a very fun but daunting task, especially when you want an area which caters for their imagination, yet still looks stylish and modern in keeping with rest of your home. There are so many different options out there to help stimulate their senses, from themed rooms, to bright blocks of color or subtle pastels – where do you start?! Don’t panic, our interior design experts have put together five of most inspiring playroom features…

Secret Spaces 

Think back to when you were a child, there was nothing more thrilling than hunting for small spaces to squeeze into and make your own; cupboards, under the bed, or even in your very own makeshift fort! Allow your kids' imaginations to run wild by giving them their very own secret space by making use of fitted cupboards, room dividers or even pop up tents/teepees, letting them fill the space with all of their favorite toys and books. 

Create a secret space in your kids bedroom

Image source: Pinterest

Simple Styling

When you’re decorating your playroom, keep the overall color palette neutral in order to allow children to fully immerse themselves in role play – they’ll want to be able to transform their area from a space rocket to a farmyard in a number of minutes! Opt for neutral walls with low tack wall stickers and artwork which can be regularly changed out to keep kids creating. Be sure to go for easy clean paint too - it may be a bit more costly but it's far more durable and will really go the distance! When it comes to flooring, we recommend something forgiving and easy to clean. Karndean Designflooring is resilient to drops and spills, making it the ultimate child-friendly floor.

Wood effect flooring is very forgiving in childrens bedrooms

Featured floor: Knight Tile – Lime Washed Oak (KP99)

Creative Touches

There are so many ways that your children can get involved in the decorating process. One of our favorite ideas is to add a chalkboard or dry erase board to one wall, or even wrap it around as a border – you can find easy to apply decals or chalkboard paint online. Let your little ones create their own designs and patterns and change it up as often as they like! Ensure that you factor in a crafty area within the room, where they can paint, color or make – you could even buy frames for their creations and showcase them on the walls.

Use colourful displays to showcase your childrens artwork

Use bright colored frames to showcase your childrens' artwork. Image source: Pinterest

Comfy and Cozy

Rugs, throws, beanbags and large cushions allow you to create a comfortable chill out area anywhere in the room, ideal for prompting some quiet time! Mix up your fabrics and textures to keep your child visually engaged, but stick to the same color palette for a polished overall look. Create a cozy reading space by putting a soft rug in a corner with cushions and beanbags to snuggle up on.

Use a mix of soft furnishings in your childs room to make it more relaxing

Featured floor: Da Vinci - Kenyan Tigerwood (RP73)

Smart Storage

Make ‘tidy up time’ into a game of its own by using fun storage solutions. Use labelled drawers or bright storage boxes and ensure that everything has its space so that the playroom can be quickly tidied up ready to get messy again. Storage beds are also a great way to create extra space, without taking away from your children’s playing area – and the high sleeper turns bedtime into an adventure.

Storage beds are a great way to make space in your childs room

Image source: Pinterest

For more inspiration, head to our Kids Rooms page. We’d love to see your designs, share your child approved spaces with us on Pinterest and Instagram

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