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How to: Brighten up your living space

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It’s proven that sunlight can help raise your spirits and as you can’t always control the weather outside, our team of experts have pulled together some of their favorite design ideas to help you brighten and lighten up your living space to help achieve the same effect.

Glass Furniture

Glass furniture is a great asset to any small living space or sun room. As well as being less aesthetically imposing than wood, stone or plastic, glass also allows more light into your room. Polished glass or perspex furniture will bounce light around the room, and if cleverly positioned, can brighten even the darkest corners of your space.

Glass desk allows more light to penetrate a room

Image source: Pinterest

Reflective Surfaces

Use mirrored and metallic surfaces to give the illusion of natural light. Well positioned mirrors, wall art and accessories will catch the light and add brightness. You could also use textured wallpapers (Such as the Zoffany paper used below) to bounce light around your space. 

Reflective wallpaper and a polished floor surface can bounce light around a room

Featuring Art Select – Auburn Oak Parquet (AP02)

Low Key Lighting

Use artificial lighting to enhance whatever natural light you have in your space. Invisible lighting strips are a great way to discreetly brighten a room. If you decide to opt for a more traditional fitting, look for a fixture that emits a lot of light to help simulate natural sunlight inside. And if you’re feeling the need for extravagance, you could even install a light panel to act as an 'artificial skylight' to bring extra light into your space.  

Use 'invisible lighting' to feign natural daylight in your living space

Image source: Pinterest

Light Woods

Maintain the look of a large, airy room with inconspicuous, white washed or bleached wood look floors. A light wood floor boasts numerous benefits; acting as a neutral canvas for your interior design and helping you to maintain a clean and bright look. Natural white washed, painted and bleached wood floors are difficult to look after and keep clean, but with a Karndean floor you get the look of real white wood looks with the practical benefits of vinyl flooring.

Use light wood flooring to demonstrate a clean and clean living space

Featuring Knight Tile - White Painted Oak (KP15)

Hint of a Tint

Finally, bring in warmth and character to your light space by using pale colors and tinted glass. Softened tones are topping the trend reports at the moment, meaning pastel colors are the perfect addition to an otherwise neutral room. Bring in color with accessories and soft furnishings such as cushions, curtains and throws for a quick, low cost transformation.

Use pastel lighting to bring subtle colour to your space.

Image source: Pinterest

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