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Creating your individual style with our Knight Tile range

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We’re kicking off our ‘creating individual style’ blog series with our Knight Tile range - a collection that offers our widest selection of natural wood and stone look flooring designs.

Arguably one of our most versatile ranges, we truly believe it when we say there is something for everyone. If you love the look of natural hardwoods or stone flooring, Knight Tile offers a wide selection of tones, effects and design features to suit your needs and style preferences. 


Here are few of our favorite wood look designs from the range, which we’ve paired with a number of key interior styles…

Creating your individual style with our Knight Tile range
KP96 Mid Limed Oak - Each wood effect design in the Knight Tile collection beautifully replicates the authentic knot and grain details you’d expect to see in a real wood floor. This is evident in our Mid Limed Oak (pictured above). With its striking worn, rustic appearance, each plank features color variations intrinsic of the liming process - pale browns with hints of softer golden hues. Available in a wider format (36x6”), this design brings retro pastel tones and vintage stylings to life. So if you’re considering PANTONE’s Color of the Year, here’s your base partner!

Creating your individual style with our Knight Tile range
KP39 Warm Oak - The organic marking and more complex grain detail of Warm Oak (pictured above) makes it a bold design amongst the warm blond palette of Knight Tile’s oak looks. Fans of the industrial, repurposed look, Warm Oak is perfect if you’re seeking a floor to play host to your eclectic interior style. 

Creating your individual style with our Knight Tile range

KP103 Mid Worn Oak - One of Knight Tile’s most aged and rugged wood looks, Mid Worn Oak elegantly combines hazelnut and paler brown hues against a dark brown grain to truly represent the look of reclaimed timber. If your décor scheme features bold, bright or deep pops of color throughout, this dark oak’s character will gallantly support your scheme without overruling it. 

We also adore the ship's decking effect (featured above), which is created by separating each row of planks with our design strips.  

Spotlight on natural stone designs…

From modernistic slate stone look designs to the warm tones and intricate pattern details of limestone, the Knight Tile stone collection offers a wide range of designs – all of which boast the appeal of natural stone but with a warmer, more tactile surface. The perfect flooring choice if you love the look of stone, but without the coldness underfoot! 

Creating your individual style with our Knight Tile range

ST11 York Stone - Meeting everyday function whilst creating charming warmth with its buttery yellow tones, York Stone features a sandy, granular design that complements bright and lifting color schemes. The larger scale rectangular tiles also work well in big, open-plan living areas (as pictured above), particularly when laid in a brick bond pattern with our beige feature strip for a realistic grout effect.

 Creating your individual style with our Knight Tile range

ST14 Cumbrian Stone - If you’re developing the fusion of modern and rustic styles in your home, Knight Tile’s Cumbrian Stone plays the perfect host. Its captivating pattern, paired with charcoal and carbon hues, adds depth without overpowering a space. This versatile stone tile design pairs easily with neutral palettes – from bare, bright whites to turbulent, moody browns.

Easily personalized, again with a contrasting design strip to accentuate your preferred laying pattern, and/or with our ornate Dark Mackintosh border (as pictured above), you can define your space and room features.

View the full Knight Tile collection of fantastic natural wood and stone designs, and share your favorites with us on Pinterest, Twitter and Houzz

Also, if you’d like to find your perfect floor, take our Karndean Designflooring Quiz to find out which of our collections best suits your personality!


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