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House of Hipsters Features Karndean in Remodel

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It was early morning and I was half asleep, sitting on a Metra train bound for Chicago. 

“Please don’t hate me; it was an accident.” 

The last time I heard this it was followed up with, “I totaled the truck.”  

I immediately woke up. “Are you okay?!?! Are the kids okay?!?!”  

“I’m okay, but I broke the basement.”  

“Huh? What do you mean you broke the basement? How bad?” 

He explained what happened, and in my head I was like, well how horrible could it be, right? It’s a sink, not a burst pipe. He said probably some new drywall. Meh, that’s totally doable. In my head I quickly did the math and thought under a grand for sure.

When home décor blogger Kyla Herbes’ husband flooded her basement, and the initial shock of the damage had worn off, she decided to view the situation as an opportunity to redecorate. With torn out ceilings, ripped up carpet and multiple dehumidifiers scattered throughout her basement, she began her search for an alternative to carpeting and was surprised when her insurance adjustor recommended vinyl.

House of Hipsters Basement

Enter Karndean... After doing some internet research, and impressed by luxury vinyl tile, Kyla explored the Karndean website and ordered some samples, including Opus – Grano, Knight Tile – Pale Limed Oak, and Da Vinci – Limed Silk Oak.  

Which product did she choose? Well you’ll have to follow her blog, House of Hipsters, and see! Catch up on the first two basement flood blog posts: What? The Boy Flooded the Basement? and Our Broken Basement and Luxury Vinyl Flooring?, and follow along for the project’s final reveal, which is expected in the new year.

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