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This year, we’ve seen the marble trend take the design industry by storm. Always considered a lavish material, marble has started to appeal to a younger, more contemporary audience – readily available in a variety of color tones and finishes. No longer confined to extravagant hotels, royal households and million dollar mansions, marble is more popular than ever and be it genuine or faux, we're seeing it in far more places in the home than just the floor… 


Marble furniture is really making waves in the design industry, making it much more accessible to all audiences. In recent years, marble furniture has really evolved from the big, chunky tables we tend to envision – instead being replaced with chic, subtle pieces which incorporate different metals to give them a modern edge.

Marble Table

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Color Palettes

Keep your marble look current by teaming it with contemporary copper. A more sophisticated take on the rose gold trend, copper is very versatile. Matte copper is indicative of a more rustic, vintage space and used alongside dark colors such as navy or dark green can help to create an opulent, moody and masculine atmosphere. On the other hand, Polished and reflective, copper can look really contemporary – team with a fashionable rose quartz paint or wallpaper for a luxe, feminine space.

Majestic Marble Copper Bath

Featured floor: Art Select Stone – Fiore (LM16) and Otono (LM15)


If you’re looking for a quick and cost effective design fix, you can easily incorporate marble into your space through your accessories. You’ll find marble everywhere this year – from clocks and candle holders, to rugs and wall art – suiting all tastes and budgets. You can even buy printed marble paper from your local DIY store, which you can use to cover existing pieces, such as side tables and photo frames.

Majestic Marble Candle Holders

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Real marble flooring is beautiful but not practical in the slightest! Like most stone tiles, marble needs regular maintenance and sealing, its porous surface is susceptible to marking and it is quite cold underfoot – not to mention the price tag! Marble effect luxury vinyl flooring on the other hand is very low maintenance, easy to clean and much warmer to the touch. Karndean offer a variety of marble inspired options, allowing you to find the perfect floor for your space. Check out our Art Select Marble Collection here for more colors and designs. 

Marble Effect Flooring

Featured Floor: Art Select Stone – Fiore (LM16)

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