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Timeless Trends: Industrial Luxe

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Industrial Luxe has been on our radar for several seasons. Until now it has showcased exposed brickwork, stark color palettes and clean, polished metals all juxtaposed with soft colors and fabrics. However, the trend is constantly evolving and has now become even softer by incorporating warmer color tones and materials such as poured concrete and oxidized metal. 

The opportunities within this particular look are endless and it’s easy to overdo it, so we’ve put together some top tips to help you incorporate elements of industrial luxe in your living space. Lighting Keep an eye out for simple pieces which steer clear from bold design features, such as metal or glass bowl pendants or theater lights. Exposed bulbs have been a key feature of Industrial Luxe since the get go and are still proving incredibly popular. For a more stylish space, opt for clusters of bulbs as your primary light fitting as shown below. 

Hanging bulbs

Three bulb Pendant lights:

Oxidized Metal

Weathered steel is a popular design element, which works really well as part of this trend. One way to subtly achieve the look is with your flooring. Karndean's Da Vinci Stone range includes four weathered steel effect designs, from the striking rusted tones of Molten CER11 featured below through to the darker hues of Iron Ore CER12, Eisen CER13 and Carbon CER14.

Molten Floor


One of the reasons that this trend works so well is down to its incorporation of textures; the coldness of exposed bricks and metal is toned down by luxe fabrics and soft furnishings. Textured cushions are a great way to introduce opulence into a space – think satin, chenille and jacquard.


Featured floor: Van Gogh – Tawny Oak (VGW91T)


As the Industrial Luxe trend has grown, metals such as rose gold and copper have dominated the market. For an ultra-feminine look, opt for polished frames, clocks and ornaments. However, for a more neutral space, be minimal with your decorative accessories and look for matte finishes which heighten the industrial feel.

Copper Tap

Image source: Pinterest

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