Dynamic design: Inspired by Rio 2016

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As the Olympics gathers momentum in its opening week, we can’t help feel but charmed by the vibrant landscape that matches the energy of the host nation. Inspired by the alluring and dynamic spirit of Brazil, we take a look at the three elements that embody the essence of modern Brazilian interior design and styling. 


Whether it’s the vibrant national costume of Brazil or the dazzling opening ceremony, don’t be afraid to embrace color that brings to life the effervescent spirit of Brazil. The use of bright accessories and furniture helps accentuate and draw the eye to the key statement pieces in your room. For those who to like to experiment, try using unexpected color combinations to add visual interest to your space.  

CER16 Sable

Featured floor: Da Vinci - Sable (CER16)

Eclectic styling

With its vast cultural diversity and complex colonial past, it’s hard to pinpoint an exact style that represents Brazil. That’s why you’ll notice mix of styles, combining various elements from different periods and origins. By filling the home with a mix of decorative handcrafted objects, antique furnishings and modern flooring, you can tell a story about your space and provide a personal sense of style to a room.  

Rio Style

Image source: Pinterest

Natural materials

A hybrid of outdoors and in, natural materials are a fundamental element in Brazilian design. The tropical nature of Brazil means that homeowners are looking for design that integrates outdoor living. Rustic timbers like Da Vinci Beach Driftwood and Travertine stones like Art Select Gallatin help transition indoor areas into outdoor, in a fluid space.    

KP101 Warm Oak

Featured floor: Knight Tile - Warm Brushed Oak (KP101)

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