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Five ways to add a touch of luxe to your home decor

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Whether it’s the living room, bedroom or bathroom - or all three for that matter – creating a sense of luxury to escape the monotony of every day routine in your favourite room isn’t as complicated as you may think. With simple but effective luxurious decor details, you can transform your space into a functioning mirage.

From intricate glimmering layers to elegant symmetry, achieving the modern luxe look is pretty straightforward. Here are a few simple ideas to help you create that sense of sophisticated indulgence, without needing to check into a 5-star hotel…

Karndean Designflooring Modern Luxe Marble Mood Board

Above image features our beautiful Art Select Fiore marble design

Marble musings – with its natural elegance and captivating nature, marble adds a sense of understated richness to any space. The epitome of luxe, its natural pattern can be and has been incorporated in so many forms - metallic wallpaper, coasters, picture frames, door handles, and of course, flooring. With Italian marble beautifully accommodating hues that are both soft and bold, whatever your colour scheme this stone instantly adds a sense of grandeur. 

Karndean Designflooring Modern Luxe Art Select

Our Art Select Sundown Oak Parquet

Seductive symmetry –  our brains love symmetry in design as it creates a sense of balance and harmony; two vital ingredients for us to feel at ease and comfortable in our surroundings. If you’re focusing on the bedroom, look to mirror your bedside tables with matching lamps and or light fittings, promptly reflecting symmetrical bliss. 

Modern Luxury Karndean Designflooring

Layered luxury – create depth as well as decadence by layering cushions and throws from the same tonal palette. Adding velvet or metallic materials will convey that touch of sumptuous luxury, however be selective and arrange in a concise and thoughtful manner for a truly modern luxe look. 

Karndean Designflooring Modern Luxe Nocturnal Florals

Room divider by designer Marcin Rusak (image source: Pinterest)

Nocturnal florals – making its transition from catwalk to interior design, dark romantic floral prints are silently seductive. Their elegant vibe can effortless add rich and meaningful detailing to any space, and what’s more, its pattern is so adaptable and easy to incorporate – from feature cushions to room dividers (as seen above).

Karndean Designflooring Modern Luxe Van Gogh

Muted and vintage metallics – moving away from brassy, polished precious metals, look to matte, muted gold and copper tones. With subtle hints in key furniture to your table top, such as terrariums, candle holders, cutlery and trays, the delicate shimmer and glimmer creates an undertone of enduring luxe. 

The adaptability of this look means you can easily create a space in your home which exudes luxury, interest and escapism.

Inspired to use modern luxe details in your next home decor project? We’d love to see your designs, so share them with us on Pinterest and Instagram

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