Creating your individual interior style with our LooseLay Boston

Creating your individual style with our Karndean LooseLay range

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Boasting an array of beautiful textures and tones, our Karndean LooseLay takes the spotlight as we conclude our ‘creating your individual style’ series.

Taking inspiration from the captivating beauty of natural timber and stone, our LooseLay flooring is not only striking, it’s also super easy to install and maintain. An ideal choice if you’re looking for a simple, but effective flooring solution that doesn’t compromise on look or performance. 

With some of our most contemporary designs, discover how you can pair your individual interior style with our easy to fit range. 

Creating your individual interior style with our LooseLay Colorado

LLT201 Colorado – if you adore the look of polished concrete – particularly when intertwined in key room features - then take it a step further with our light grey Karndean LooseLay Colorado stone floor. Offering the look of poured concrete, the nature of this smooth tile design effortlessly supports modernistic interiors; white painted walls, floating shelves, birch wood furniture and organic textiles.

Creating your individual style with our Karndean LooseLay Nevada

LLT205 Nevada – offering a sophisticated smoky charcoal hue, Nevada encapsulates an elegant linear textile detail. Ideal if your room is flooded with light or you’ve opted for a white on white scheme, as its contrasting tone brings a sense of depth to the room. It also offers a perfect backdrop for any brightly coloured furniture or room accessories. 

Creating Individual Style with our Karndean LooseLay Providence

LLP108 Providence – incorporating soft blonde highlights with distinctive open grain patterns, Providence embodies the comforting warmth of the traditional North American white oak. A flawless choice if you’re trying to create that new vintage or country chic look in either the living room or kitchen. With its open grain offering charming character, Providence is a warm and welcoming neutral base, perfect for brightening your living space.

Creating your individual interior style with our LooseLay Stamford

LLP109 Stamford – there’s nothing more wonderful than the unique appeal upcycled or repurposed furniture brings to an interior. Whether it’s a theme throughout your home or just a few key pieces, our Stamford design offers all the visual joy of reclaimed wood without the practical drawbacks. The rich brown grain details contrast with light sandy tones to provide a stunning depth of colour, which adds a sense of distinguished, rustic charm to your home.

Discover how to create your individual interior style with our LooseLay Boston

LLP111 Boston – combing traditional and classic interior architecture with modernistic interior style? Our Boston wood look design beautifully illustrates varying shades of chocolate brown tones. Its depth of colour and traditional oak grain pattern provide that classic distinction with reliable, understated style. It looks particularly wonderful when paired with hints of shimmering metallic and glitzy warm golds. 

With such a wide and varying choice of wood and stone look designs, we hope you’ve found a floor to pair perfectly with your individual style. If you’d like to see how any Karndean floor would look in your home, why not download our Augmented Reality App? Allowing you to truly visualise what a new Karndean floor design could look like in your living space, share your favourites with us on Facebook, Houzz or Twitter

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