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Today we are more design-oriented than ever before. With a multitude of digital resources available, it’s much easier to design your home to not only suit your personal style, but also stay in line with the latest trends. We’ve taken a look at one of our favorite trends this season—new vintage—and come up with a few key ways you can easily incorporate this character-packed style into your home’s décor.

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Fusing old and new, you can emphasize the best qualities of both, giving your space a look that is both fresh and familiar. New vintage is also a great way to tell a story with your style – combine organic, aged materials with refined cleaner lines. If you have an older home you should look to accentuate original features, but also add modern accessories to keep each space looking fresh and modern.

New Vintage

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Contemporary homes can achieve the ‘new vintage’ style by adding natural materials, including reclaimed woods, in flooring and furniture. Simple combinations can have a big impact, for instance, place a modern decorative pillow on an old chair, or install a sleek new lampshade on an antique lamp. Antique accessories, such as this typewriter, also add sense of nostalgia to your space.

The weather-worn character of our new Van Gogh American Redwood planks (pictured above) will add vintage character to any space.

Rooms featuring blonde or light woods mesh beautifully with polished metals, such as brass or copper. Group together accessories, such as artwork, of similar tones to accentuate the overall theme. Also, pops of color are a great way to enliven the room, but try to maintain a level of consistency among your furniture and accent pieces. Below, the striking blue galvanized table ties in nicely with the modern stools, harmonized by the exposed stone wall and intricate grain details of our Linea (featured below) wood look design.

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Create an eye-catching and provocative atmosphere by mixing old with new – visit our website to see how our products can help you design a new vintage decor style.

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