Hurricane Relief St. Edmund's Academy

Donor Spotlight: St. Edmund's Academy

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About a month ago, we began our hurricane relief program to provide assistance to those recovering from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and recently added the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico to our list of recipients.

The students of St. Edmund’s Academy, an independent, private Pre-K through 8th grade school in Pittsburgh PA, stepped up to the plate and raised nearly $1100 to contribute to our relief program! It all began with Lucia, a student with a family connection to Karndean Designflooring, and her friend David  who told their teachers about the program, and soon the fundraising became a school-wide effort. Students, faculty and staff raised the funds by paying for “dress down days,” and we will match their donation dollar-for-dollar.

Hurricane Relief St. Edmund's Academy

When asked by their 3rd grade teacher why they wanted to help, Lucia and David said, “We thought we could help because people were losing their homes and they needed food and water. We also wanted to help kids get their schools back faster.”

One of the core values of St. Edmund’s Academy is “the worthiness of service to others,” and we are certainly impressed by the willingness of the students to make a difference! Thank you to the students, faculty and staff of St. Edmund’s Academy for your generous contributions, especially Lucia, David, Mrs. Ciummo, Mrs. Henry and Mrs. Perrin.

It’s not too late to get involved – our hurricane relief program runs through October 31. Learn how you, too can make a difference.