Reclaimed Redwood VGW99T and Salvaged Redwood VGW101T

Visualize even more design possibilities for your home with the newest version of Floorstyle


We are excited to tell you about the newest edition of Floorstyle, our online design tool, which has been updated to include additional designflooring capabilities - meaning you can visualize even more design possibilities for your home!

Aged Oak KP98 with Chestnut AF07 feature strip

Knight Tile - Aged Oak KP98 with Chestnut AF07 feature strip

Floorstyle is an interactive room viewer containing our full product portfolio of wood and stone designs in a variety of room settings. The latest update allows you to insert design strips between both tiles and planks, offering users the ability to blend up to four products into one floor layout. If you've been tuned in to our "Tips from the Table" blogs about blending products, you can now experiment with your own blends using Floorstyle! Plus, Floorstyle’s split-screen capability allows you to compare different products and/or layouts side-by-side. You can even work together with your retailer in-store to bring these design ideas to life. 

“Karndean Designflooring's components-based system allows for ultimate personalization, whether it’s blending multiple designs or adding a design strip for a ship lap effect. With Floorstyle’s latest capabilities, retailers can digitally demonstrate the possibilities of designflooring with customers, and homeowners can experiment with designflooring from the comfort of their home in a user-friendly format,” CEO Larry Browder said. 

Perhaps best of all, Floorstyle is free and easy to use. First, select a room scene in which to lay the floor; filter flooring options by product range, tone or color; choose an installation design based on the pattern or number of products desired; and see your design laid out in the room scene.

Limed Jute Oak RP97, Limed Linen Oak RP98, Limed Cotton Oak RP99

Da Vinci - Limed Jute Oak RP97, Limed Linen Oak RP98 and Limed Cotton Oak RP99

In addition to creating the perfect floor, you may request samples, find a local retailer, and save, print or share your favorite layouts with their friends, family, designer or retailer.

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