VGW91T Tawny Oak Loft Apartment

Karndean Designflooring Expands Popular Van Gogh Collection

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Over time, natural timber undergoes a number of processes as it ages, and following trends seen in fashion and interiors, product designers are now looking to introduce these aging processes to new woods to give them a rustic, reclaimed and repurposed look.

Following this trend, our twelve new Van Gogh wood look planks beautifully replicate the unique visuals which occurs through burning, liming and smoking.

Boasting four lightly lime washed oak look designs VGW91T Tawny Oak (as pictured above), VGW92T Burgundy Oak, VGW93T Hessian Oak and VGW94T Honey Oak, these designs are reminiscent of salvaged antique flooring - the rich grain details and large scaled planks (48”x 7”) complement both traditional and contemporary interiors.

The collection also includes designs inspired by American Redwood railroad ties – VGW99T Reclaimed Redwood, VGW100T Aged Redwood and VGW101T Salvaged Redwood. Running with the theme of reclaimed woods, our product designers were drawn to the unique detail and texture of the Redwood ties, which over the years had aged beautifully.

A perfect foundation for any home, our new collection also includes three rich brown, smoked designs, which feature fuming and smoking techniques. Our VGW97T Burnished Beech and VGW98T Smoked Beech planks can be used as a canvas – creating a rich and warming foundation to accompany nearly any décor scheme.

The collection is rounded off by two of our most unique plank designs to date, VGW95T Lime Washed Cypress and VGW96T Burnished Cypress, which combine the limed finish of Honey Oak and the burnt effect of Charred Oak. By combining both liming and smoking techniques, the result is a more refined and sophisticated aesthetic that’s perfect for any room in the home - kitchens, living rooms and hallways, where you’ll be looking to introduce a highly realistic, rustic feel.

“We are beyond excited and proud to introduce these 12 new designs, which is sure to elevate the already impressive standard of Van Gogh,” said Emil Mellow, Vice President of Marketing. “We are thrilled to offer our customers more choices in this favored collection. This extension is not only design-led, but also retains all the durability and ease of maintenance.’’

Take a look at our new Van Gogh collection and tell us which design is your favorite!

VGW91T Tawny Oak Loft Apartment

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