LooseLay Longboard European Oaks

European Oaks

Twilight and Raven Oak offer on-trend grey and charcoal tones for a modern look with authentic knots, lightly brushed grain details and subtle distressed finishes. Highlighting both the radial lines that run across the growth rings and the distressed areas in the wood, the original planks were lightly bushed to open up the gran with the added touch of modern tones to create truly stylish designs. 

LLP301 Twilight Oak | LooseLay Longboard European Oaks

Pictured above: Twilight Oak

Inspired by aging French oak boards recovered from the heart of Loire Valley in Blois, Karndean’s Pearl, Champagne and French Grey Oak designs present individual interpretations of this attractive wood through the process of liming, light brushing and adding colour. Whilst the lighter tones reveal cross sawn elements across the planks for an intriguing blend of natural and man made features, the darker tones highlight individual knots and knarls. 

LLP306 Pearl Oak | LooseLay Longboard European Oaks

Pictured above: Pearl Oak