Da Vinci Features

Da Vinci Wood

Popular for its narrow wood effect planks, deep bevel and smooth finish, the Da Vinci wood collection features  twelve trendy, new ‘modern rustic’ designs. 

The twelve new designs are split into two groups – including modern limed planks and classic oak looks, whilst the second group features burnt and smoked designs alongside worn, aged driftwood looks. 

Classic / Modern Rustic

Inspired by natural fibres and textiles, the soft muted tones of our four Limed Oak designs (Limed Silk Oak, Limed Jute Oak, Limed Linen Oak and Limed Cotton Oak) are enhanced with a striking lime washed finish, accentuating the unique grain details of each plank. 

RP96 Limed Silk Oak

For a more traditional and clean-lined style, homeowners should look to the three classic Oak planks, available in three shades of light to mid-brown Oak. With subtle colour variation plank-to-plank in Natural Oak, Harvest Oak and Lorenzo Warm Oak these products create a more uniformed finish in comparison to some of the ‘choppier’ more variable designs, making them the perfect match for any space or décor. 

RP102 Natural Oak

Reclaimed Driftwoods

With striking colour variation from plank to plank, our Scorched Oak and Acacia designs including Single Smoke Acacia and Double Smoked Acacia have been designed to replicate the look of burnt oak. Acacia woods are known for their subtle appearance and blending of even rich tones, epitomising the uniqueness of this species. 

RP104 Single Smoked Acacia

Whilst our Acacia designs feature gentle variation, Scorched Oak can only be described as a statement floor with its almost tiger-like grain and colour variation. 

The other two designs in this group mimic the gentle, sea salt worn features of reclaimed driftwood. The combination of saltwater, high winds and shipworms means that the natural tannins and nutrients are mostly drained from the wood before it’s found on shore as a partially decomposed driftwood wood full of unique character - all of which we’ve been able to capture in our Coastal Driftwood and Beach Driftwood planks. 

RP101 Beach Driftwood

With an option of two soft grey-brown tones, these distinctive rustic designs give customers the natural look of reclaimed timber without the practical drawbacks of real wood such as cracking, splintering or warping. 

With the slim line planks ensuring that even the smallest of spaces can be enhanced and in larger areas you can create an impact, the design possibilities with this new collection truly are endless. 

Check out the new designs on our Da Vinci range page or see how they look in room settings by visiting our Floorstyle Room Viewer or downloading our apps