Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Da Vinci Stone

Bringing the natural beauty and intricate textures of real stone indoors, the Da Vinci stone tile designs take inspiration from weathered steel, natural stone and woven fabric and offer a fresh palette of colours to suit any home.

The three groups – Weathered Steel, Natural Stone and Woven Fabric – explore latest trends in interior design including natural weathering, fossilisation and woven fabrics, and reflect Karndean’s unrivalled ability to take products from the natural world and recreate them in designflooring. 

Weathered Steel

From the striking rust and weathered tones of Molten to the subtle, dark hues of Carbon, all four colourways – Molten, Iron OreEisen and Carbon - present the transformation of weathered steel over time, and are ideally placed against plain walls, exposed brick and simple furnishings for a stark, on-trend industrial feel. 

CER11 Molten

Natural Stone 

Designed to offer a sophisticated and understated look, the four natural stone designs feature the realistic grain and fossilisation of limestone. Perfect for both residential and commercial interiors, there’s the creamy tone of Dune and Bluff to the darker, grainer Sable and Drift

CER15 Dune Conservatory | Design features


The final three designs in the collection – BurnetCambric and Sindon – challenge what ‘we’ see as stone and offers modern, natural colours with a minimalistic look and subtle strands across each tile. Taking inspiration from natural fabrics and concrete combined, the designs can be purposely misleading and interpreted as natural woven fabric or lightly brushed concrete.

CER20 Cambric Kitchen | Tile Size

Introducing additional design variations, the new Da Vinci Stone collection comes with the option of contrasting and complementary borders and design strips

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