European Oaks


Dark Oaks

Twilight and Raven Oak product features a mix of wood grades to create a truly characterful floor. The original planks were lightly brushed to open up the grain, highlighting both the radial lines that run across the growth rings and the distressed areas of the boards that give these planks their unique look.

By manually applying color into the grain, the designers were able to maintain the original characteristics of the mixed wood grade while adding modern tones.

Twilight Oak features predominantly mid-gray hues that match the ongoing color trend for contemporary interiors. The deep charcoal tones of Raven Oak create a more statement floor for moody interiors.


LooseLay Longboard Twilight  Oak
LoooseLay Longboard Raven Oak

French Oaks 

The original inspiration for this group was a set of very old French oak boards originating from the Blois area of the Loire valley. Each of the colors including Pearl Oak, French Grey Oak and Champagne Oak bring individual interpretations of this attractive wood through the process of liming, light brushing and adding color.

While the lighter tones reveal cross sawn elements across the planks for an intriguing blend of natural and man made features, the darker tones highlight individual knots and knarls. 


LooseLay Longboard Pearl Oak
LooseLay Longboard French Grey Oak

LooseLay Longboard Champagne Oak

Champagne Oak LLP310