Family Friendly Flooring

Benefits of a Karndean Floor

Whether your home is filled with kids, pets, messes or all of the above, Karndean Designflooring luxury vinyl is the perfect solution – waterproof, pet friendly, kid friendly and covered by a lifetime residential warranty.







Our waterproof floors stand up to spills of all sizes. Unlike laminate and engineered hardwoods, our floors are impervious to water and will not swell, crack or warp when wet. Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and other busy rooms in the home.


Lifetime Warranty

Not only is a Karndean floor unique to your home, but it is guaranteed to last for years to come.


Easy to Clean

Busy lifestyles and extra-curricular activities don’t allow much time for cleaning. Thankfully, our tried and tested K-Guard+® finish provides hygienic, durable surface protection that is easy to clean with a quick sweep and mop with a pH-neutral cleaner. See our cleaning and maintenance FAQs for more information.


Stain Resistant

Karndean nonporous planks and tiles are resistant to staining, unlike hardwood and ceramic. Everyday liquids such as water, coffee and wine can be easily cleaned with a pH-neutral cleaner to keep your floors looking their best.


Pet Friendly


Pet Friendly


From muddy paw prints to household accidents and anything in-between, Karndean floors are designed with pets in mind.


Scratch and Scuff Resistant

Our K-Guard+® surface protection puts commercial-grade durability into your home and works as a barrier against scuffs, stains and scratches from family pets. Be sure to keep pets' nails at a reasonable length, as you would to help prevent scratches on many other types of hard surface floors. We recommend looking at some of our more textured products to provide extra traction for paws and for day-to-day durability.


Low Maintenance

Karndean floors are designed for a long, low-maintenance life with minimal disruption to your daily routine. Although pets may leave fur and paw prints behind, all you need to maintain your floor is a quick sweep and mop with pH-neutral cleaner. See our cleaning and maintenance FAQs for more information. 


Kid Friendly


Kid Friendly


Karndean floors offer kids a safe and comfortable space to play and parents a durable, easy-to-clean surface.


Safe and Softer Underfoot

Because kids spend most of their time playing, coloring or crawling on the floor, our products are much softer and warmer underfoot than natural materials and add comfort and livability to our realistic designs.


Clean and Hygienic

Our floors are inherently hygienic and easy-to-clean with a simple regimen. Unlike many natural material Karndean floors won’t harbor dirt, grime or dust mites tracked in from outside; thus contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment for your family.