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These days see our family of four has grown into so much more.

The toys are back out, battered and bruised; it's been so many years since they were used.

Our children have children, our hair's turning grey, but we're still cherishing every moment, loving each and every day.

Despite the change in weather, the things we've seemed to gain, what means the most are the things that we'll forever keep the same.

This is our story. Start yours today.

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Classic contemporary

As part of our 40th anniversary celebrations we've been taking you through the decades recreating 70’s retro, 80’s modern and 90’s tech style looks. This month, we’re showing you how to bring your interior design back to this decade, with a 2000’s classic contemporary style.

Why not take a break from the latest technology and instead look to create a homely and welcoming room for all the family to enjoy? Even those with four legs and (very large!) paws.

Check out our design teams' top tips and tricks below:

Colour – Pair creamy neutrals with soft grey and mustard tones for a cool and warm mix in your space. Start with a blank canvas and opt for a light-toned neutral wall paint to get you started? What’s more, it will help you maintain natural light for a contemporary feel.

Designflooring – We recommend oak effects, with warm light to mid-brown tones for a neutral and homely backdrop in your space. We've chosen our Van Gogh Wellington Oak VGW53T with its distinctive knots and larger scale planks. By laying the planks on a 45 degree angle, we were also able to make the space look much larger whilst still retaining a cosy and welcoming feel.

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