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And so, in the 90's our family of four went back down to two.

So to bring life back to our home, we bought a puppy, re-decorated and made a life of our own.

We cherished the moments, we loved every day, but what meant the most were the things that remained the same.

This is our story. Start yours today.

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Inject 90’s tech style into your home

As part of our 40th anniversary celebrations, we’ve been taking you through the decades recreating a 70’s retro and 80’s modern style. This month, we’ll be showing you how to bring back the 90’s.

Being the age of the World Wide Web and new technology, it’s no wonder the colours of this era were dominated by statement greys, blues and greens. What’s more, shiny metallics were used to accent just about everything.

If you’re looking to reinvent your space, why not get inspired with our 90’s look?

Check out our design team’s top tips and tricks below:

Colour – Look to add strong and confident splashes of grey, silver, blue and green hues in your space. We’ve opted for scatter cushions against statement Harlequin Linear 15411 wallpaper by Orla Keily with its bold turquoise, chocolate and silver design. A "tech style" textile!

Designflooring – Rather than adding splashes of metallic throughout your room, why not look to the floor to complete your look? Inspired by the metallic found in Italian ceramics, we’ve chosen our Opus Forma SP214 with its striking combination of rust tones mixed with a silvery sheen.

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