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Marcos and Lotta's Story

Meet Marcos and Lotta, a young couple from Bakersfield, California who have had Karndean installed in their home for one year.

After purchasing their first home together, Marcos and Lotta got to work on a total remodel to turn the space into their dream farmhouse. When a friend referred them to a local retailer, Lotta fell in love with Country Oak from Karndean’s Van Gogh range, citing its neutral grey tones and rustic detailing.

In their video, Marcos and Lotta explain how their floor set the tone for the entire home, and how it stands up to their two large dogs and daily wear and tear. As a floral designer with Mint Design, Lotta arranges florals out of their home, a task that includes creating a “beautiful mess” with water and blossoms strewn about the floor.

Watch the video above and let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter #yourstory.

This is Marcos and Lotta's story. Start yours today.