Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt with a floor plan layout

Follow the Foothpath

Your Guide to Choosing a Layout and Format

Which of Karndean Designflooring’s three waterproof formats of luxury vinyl is right for you? Gluedown, loose lay or rigid core?

1. Decide on a Layout

Single footpath sketch and diagonal laying pattern example 


How do you walk through the space?


Choose an installation pattern that follows the same path.



Double footpath sketch and herringbone laying pattern example


Is there more than one footpath through the space?


Choose a pattern that guides you in more than one direction, like a herringbone pattern.


2. Choose the Format that Fits Your Layout

Note: Different formats have different layout installation capabilities.



These individual, multi-directional planks and tiles may be laid in a wide variety of patterns, are compatible with design strips and borders (some exceptions apply), and can be easily cut to create virtually any pattern. Seamlessly transition from wood to stone looks when you choose from the same gluedown product range.


Clawfoot bathtup on Molten CER11 floors   Savannah Oak RL23 in a herringbone pattern   Blue dresser and woven basket on Nickel Spotted Gum KP140 floors laid in a diagonal pattern with Chalk DS10 as part of the border
Molten CER11 in a brick lay pattern   Savannah Oak RL23 in a herringbone pattern   Nickel Spotted Gum KP140 in a diagonal lay with design strip Chalk DS10 room border


Loose Lay

Loose lay is our most ergonomic (comfortable underfoot) format and has acoustic properties to help reduce noise transfer. Like our gluedown products, loose lay planks and tiles are multi-directional and can be laid in a wide variety of patterns. Unlike our gluedown products, loose lay does not require a full spread of adhesive and is not compatible with design strips and decorative borders.


Red metal stool by table with white and red table cloth on a Colorado tile floor   Hand towel and scrub brush on wicker chair in a bathroom with Burlington plank floor   Worn Fabric Oak planks laid out in a herringbone pattern
Colorado LLT201 in a brick lay pattern   Burlington LLP110 in a staggered laying pattern    Worn Fabric Oak LLP330 in a herringbone laying pattern


Rigid Core

Due to the nature of the click-locking mechanism, our rigid core products float over existing hard surfaces without adhesive and can be laid straight or at a 45-degree angle. A selection of our Korlok Select rigid core products were made specifically to be laid out in a herringbone pattern (sized 24" x 6"). 


Brown leather chair with blue throw pillows and a side table with plants on Palazzo Marble floor in a herringbone pattern   Living room with a gray blanket on a midcentury modern couch and fiddle fig leaf plant on Warm Brushed Oak floors   Yellow dining chairs on a Washed Velvet Ash floor
Palazzo Marble SM-RKT3012-G in a herringbone laying pattern    Warm Brushed Oak RKP8215 in a staggered laying pattern   Washed Velvet Ash RKP8102 in a staggered laying pattern



3. View Colors Available in Your Format

Textum gluedown tile with candle and book on side table   Campaign Oak LooseLay floor with wicker chair   Antique French Oak rigid core floors with wood chair and magazine stand

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