Your cleaning and maintenance questions answered

Top questions about Karndean LVT cleaning and maintenance.


How soon after installation can I clean Karndean Designflooring? 

Do not clean your floor for 24 hours following installation. This gives the adhesive time to fully cure. For more information, see our Cleaning and Maintenance page.  


What can I use to clean Karndean Designflooring? Do I have to use Karndean Designflooring cleaning products?

For best results, we recommend using Karndean cleaning products as they have been specifically formulated for our luxury vinyl floors. In general, you may use any pH-neutral, fragrance free cleaner that is approved for use with vinyl floors.


Can you recommend any household cleaners safe for use with Karndean Designflooring?

A homemade solution of distilled white vinegar and warm water is safe to use on your Karndean floors. Mix 1/4 cup of distilled white vinegar with 1 gallon of warm water. This solution will help to remove germs, dirt and impurities from the floor's surface.


There are many household cleaners and disinfectant products on the market that promote they are effective and safe for vinyl floors. Please make sure to check the label prior to use.


Does Karndean Clean disinfect or kill Coronavirus COVID-19?

Routine maintenance with Karndean Clean will safely kill and remove germs from the surface of the floor, effectively killing Coronavirus COVID-19, when used properly.


Can I use a Steam Mop or Steam Cleaner on Karndean Designflooring? 

Steam is a natural disinfectant. If you decide to use a steam mop on your Karndean floor, please check the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure it's suitable for use on luxury vinyl floors.


Where can I buy Karndean cleaning and maintenance products?

Cleaning and maintenance products can be bought through your local retailer

Can spilled liquids seep through plank or tile edges?

Your floor should have been installed tightly to ensure spills cannot seep through tile edges or custom cuts. To avoid slippery surfaces, any spills should be cleaned up right away. 

How do I remove scratches? 

You can improve the appearance of light scratches by simply applying Karndean Remove, wiping off the residue with a mop and rinsing thoroughly with clean water. You can then re-apply Karndean Refresh. 

I have small white spots appearing on my floor. What should I do? 

White spots are usually as a result of water not being wiped up quickly from your floor - especially in bathrooms. Simply apply Karndean Remove, wipe off the residue with a mop and rinse thoroughly with clean water. 

How should I protect my Karndean Designflooring against furniture?

By putting felt pads under the feet of your furniture, you can avoid table and chair legs scratching your Karndean floor. These are available in the Karndean Floor Care Kit. 


How should I clean spills?

Mop or wipe up spills as soon as possible with Karndean Clean. 


Will Karndean stain?

Most common stains will not affect a Karndean floor, especially if they are cleaned up straight away. However there are agents that can stain - such as solvent based liquids/wine/some spices. The use of Karndean Refresh will provide some protection against this type of damage. 

How do I remove scuff marks from my floor? 

As with any flooring, furniture and shoe soles rubbing on your floor can cause unsightly scruff marks. A simple solution is to use a tennis ball or a cleaning eraser sponge to lightly buff away the scuff mark. If you have a Floor Care Kit, dilute a small amount of Karndean Clean in some water and use a moistened cloth (or a non-abrasive nylon scouring pad for persistent marks) with the diluted solution. 


How do I remove deep scratches? 

On the occasion there is a particularly deep scratch, first try using our Remove and Refresh products on your floor. If this doesn't improve the appearance of the deep scratch enough, you'll find that the best option may be to replace the plank that has been damaged.



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